Kenai Peninsula Mayoral Powers Proposition (2009)

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The Kenai Peninsula Ordinance 2009-31 is a ballot measure was supposed to appear on the October 6, 2009 ballot in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The ordinance as proposed on May 19, 2009.[1]

Ordinance 2009-31 would of allowed voters to decide if the borough mayor should continue to run the administration or simply act as a figure head. Current Mayor Dave Carey states that this ordinance would disrupt his duties to govern properly. A hearing was held on July 7, 2009 to discuss the issue. The ordinance was passed to the ballot for public vote by the deadline of August 4, 2009.

Gary Knopp, an assembly man who helps sponsor the ordinance, stated that he introduced the bill to comply with his constituents' requests.[2]

Assembly minutes

The Borough Assembly met on July 7, 2009 in order to decide whether or not to pass the measure to the October ballot. Public comments were heard in opposition of the ordinance, as well as comments from assembly members themselves. Minutes from the motion are as follows:

  • Assembly Members Fischer, Long, Superman, and Pierce spoke in opposition to Ordinance 2009-31.
  • Assembly Members Knopp, Smalley, Smith, and Sprague spoke in support of Ordinance 2009-31.
  • Assembly President Martin passed the gavel to Vice President Sprague and spoke in support of Ordinance 2009-31. Vice President Sprague returned the gavel.


  • Yes: Knopp, Smalley, Smith, Sprague, Martin
  • No: Fischer, Long, Pierce, Superman
  • Absent: None

MOTION TO ENACT PASSED: 5 Yes, 4 No, 0 Absent[3]

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