Kent Malm recall, Central City Public Schools, Nebraska (2014)

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A vote about whether to recall Kent Malm from his position as a member of the Central City School Board took place on January 14, 2014. Malm was recalled and replaced by Tim Williams.[1][2]

Election results

Shall Kent Malm be removed from the Office of Central City District 4 School Board Member?
Approveda Recall67264.37%
Election results via: Merrick County Clerk (January 14, 2014)

Recall supporter arguments

An effort to recall Kent Malm from his position on the Board of Education of Central City Public Schools in Nebraska was launched in August 2013.[3][4] The recall effort against Kent Malm was led by a group called "Time for Change, Time to Move Forward." Reports indicated that the firing of Central City Public Schools football coach Darin Garfield in April 2013 was the source of anger that led to the effort. However, recall organizers said their effort was meant to put "a spotlight on a system that has been counterproductive to the best interests of the students and staff of Central City Public Schools for some time."[5][6][7][3]

Recall supporters also initiated a recall effort against board members Dale Palser and Steve Belitz. This broader effort failed after petitions were rejected by the Merrick County Clerk because of improper paperwork.[8]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in Nebraska

Recall supporters were required to collect 449 signatures to trigger a recall election.[6] They collected over 500 signatures, thereby triggering a recall election.[4]

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