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Kentucky House Republicans put forth 2011 agenda

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September 28, 2010

State House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover announced the agenda, declaring “A New Day, A New Direction for Kentucky.”

By Greg Janetka

FRANKFORT, Kentucky: With the fall general elections just about six weeks away, Republican leaders in the Kentucky House of Representatives unveiled their agenda for the 2011 legislative session. State House Minority Leader Jeffrey Hoover, joined by some 20 House Republicans and a number of Republican House candidates, announced that the agenda signaled “A New Day, A New Direction for Kentucky.”[1]

Hoover stated that they have already pre-filed two bills that are core components of the agenda. The first, BR 153, requires legislators "to forfeit their pay during a special session if they are unable to pass a budget during the regular session of the General Assembly." Earlier this year, legislators met in special session for six days, at a cost of around $300,000. The second bill, BR 154, requires any bill raising taxes or spending tax dollars be made publicly available at least 48 hours before a vote. Hoover said Republicans would be profiling additional bills as part of the 2011 agenda in the upcoming weeks.

In response to the Republican announcement, Speaker of the House Gregory Stumbo released a statement, saying "Kentucky has lost well over 100,000 jobs in the Republican recession, so I'm proud the House Democrats took steps this year to help as many as 25,000 families get back on their feet. No one else stood up for them."[2]

Going into the elections, Democrats hold a majority in the 100 member state House by a margin of 65-35. Incumbents are seeking re-election in 95 out of the 100 districts. Included among these are 40, 19 Democrats and 21 Republicans, who face no challenger in the general election.

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