Kentucky Rep. Hurt switches parties, puts Democrats one vote short of a supermajority

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May 4, 2011


FRANKFORT, Kentucky: Kentucky House Democrats are now just one vote short of being able to pass a constitutional amendment without any Republicans. This is due to Rep. Wade Hurt's recent decision to switch from the member of the GOP minority to the Democratic majority.[1]

Partisan breakdown after Hurt's switch
Party As of October 2014
     Democratic Party 54
     Republican Party 46
Total 100

Hurt made his announcement on April 22, saying he thought he would be better able to serve his district as a Democrat. He is serving in his first term for the 37th District, having been elected unopposed in the November 2, 2010 election. His slated Democratic opponent, Jeff Donohue, was ruled ineligible after one of the two people who signed his nominating petition was found to live outside of District 37.[2]

Hurt said his politics won't change, stating “I’m still pro-life, pro-labor, pro-economic development and pro-progress.” He also said he was not recruited or promised anything by Democrats, sentiments which were echoed by Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo. Stumbo stated, "We certainly welcome him into our party and into our caucus and we will do everything that we can to make his transition smooth."[1]


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