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Transparency legislation proposed in Kentucky.


See also: Kentucky Open Records Act

Senator John Schickel has proposed Senate Bill 30[1] which would exempt the recordings of calls to 911 from public access. The bill allows for transcripts of the calls to be made public, but not the actual audio.[2] Opponents of the bill are calling it "a waste of time, your tax dollars and is a dangerous move toward limiting free speech and open records/sunshine laws"[3] and "a poorly thought out solution to a mostly non-existent problem."[4]

SB 30 has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and now heads to the floor for a vote.[5]

Senate Bill 188[6] would create a General Assembly Accountability and Review Division to conduct investigations, audits and reviews and otherwise monitor the activities of public agencies. The agency would be exempt from KORA.[7] The Kentucky Press Association is opposing the exemptions provisions in the bill.[8]