Klamath County Museum Levy Increase (May 2011)

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A Klamath County Museum Levy Increase measure was on the May 17, 2011 ballot in Klamath County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 9,760 (60.96%)Approveda
  • NO 6,251 (39.04%)[1]

This measure sought to increase the current property tax rate by $.05 per $1,000 of assessed property value for a further three years in order to help pay for the county museum.[2] This measure was brought to the ballot by a successful petition drive by residents who supported the museum and did not want to see it closed. Due to budget shortfalls the museum had noted that without additional money their three locations within the county would have had to close.[3] The County Board of Commissioners had noted that if residents were able to collect at least 1,000 signatures then they would look to add this measure to the ballot, and supporters were able to collect more than 2,000.[4] The County Board had then decided on March 8 to place the measure on the ballot. All general funds for the museum have been cut so without approval of this measure the museums would have closed.[5]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Shall Klamath County support Klamath County Museum with 3-year levy of $0.05 per $1,000 assessed valuation beginning flscal year 2011-2012? This measure may cause property taxes to increase more than three percent.[6]