Kodiak Proposition 1, Employee Unionization (October 2009)

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There was a Proposition 1, Employee Unionization on the October 6, 2009 ballot ballot in Kodiak City.

The people of Kodiak city voted on whether or not city employees should be allowed to join a union. Many of Alaska's smaller cities, like Kodiak, were able to opt out of the state regulation, the Public Employee Regulations Act (PERA). Kodiak was able to establish other ways for government employees to settle disputes outside of a unionize force. This issue came onto the ballot when a union wanted to represent the local police force, but the local government did not want to opt into PERA and thus did not allow the union. The union petitioned local voters and were able to get the issue onto the ballot. There is a strong force against letting unions into Kodiak, reasons including the fact that government costs go up with a unionized work force and the unions are not based in Kodiak so they would not necessarily push for local issues.[1]

Results:: This proposition has been defeated with a 51.05% vote against unionization.[2]


Although the unionization proposition did not pass, the City manager is still working to better relations with government employees and trying to work out any issues that they have in regards to their work. Although this did not pass, the issue is still there and city officials are trying to ensure that employees are content with their work and are able to still voice opinions about better working environments as needed. City manager is trying to work with department heads to ensure everyone is happy and people want to stay at their jobs.[3]

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