Last minute ballot challenge awaits Virginia lawsuit

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August 19, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

HERNDON, Virginia: Election officials in Virginia's 8th Congressional District are awaiting the resolution of a lawsuit between the State Board of Elections and the Libertarian Party. After the ruling is released, election officials may have to scramble to deal with last minute signature challenges[1].

Matthew Mosley, the plaintiff in the case, is currently a resident of Virginia's 10th Congressional District. Mosley along with the state's Libertarians are accusing state election officials of violating The Civil Rights Act of 1983 over not being allowed to collect signatures as a candidate in the 8th Congressional District. Under current law, Mosley can run as a candidate in the 8th District, but he cannot collect signatures because of not being a resident of the district[1].

Elections officials in the 8th District face a September 17, 2010, deadline to send out absentee ballots for the general election. Even if federal judge Leonie Brinkema rules in Mosley's favor, elections officials will have to verify Mosley has the required 1,000 signatures before he is placed on the ballot. This can open the door for last minute signature challenges[1].

The 10th District is located in the Washington, DC suburbs of McClean and Great Falls along with other cities in Northwest Virginia[2]. The 8th District is located in Arlington and Alexandria in addition to where Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is located[3].

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