Laws governing citizen grand juries in North Dakota

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North Dakota is one of six states that allow citizens to collect signatures on petitions in order to request a county grand jury to convene, according to North Dakota Century Code Chapter 29-10.1.[1]

North Dakota Century Code 29-10.1-04

29-10.1-04. Petition for grand jury - Petitioners - Number - Session.

The petition for a grand jury prescribed by section 29-10.1-02 must be verified on information and belief by at least three of the petitioners. The formation of a grand jury under this chapter may not be invalidated should it appear or be proven after the grand jury has been summoned that any of the petitioners were not qualified electors or that the petition was not signed by the required number of qualified electors. No grand jury may remain in session in excess of ten calendar days, unless the judge by written order filed with the clerk of the court extends the session as may be necessary. Unless extended, the grand jury must be discharged at the close of the tenth day of its session. Saturdays, legal holidays, and days in recess must be excluded in computing the duration of the initial or extended session. [2]

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