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The law that governs the conduct of political recalls in Alabama is Ala. Code §11-44-130 through 11-44-134. Under these statutes, municipal commissioners and mayors are subject to recall.

Alabama's law governing recall only applies to municipalities with a commission form of government. Some cities in the state, such as Dothan, have elected city commissioners, and recall can be applied against them. Whereas other cities, such as Vincent, have city council members and recall cannot be applied against them.[1]

Features of the law


There are no restrictions on when a recall petition can be initiated.

Grounds are not required

The recall committee is not required to provide reasons for why they think the recall target should be removed.

Time to collect signatures

There is no time limit for the collection of the required signatures

Number of signatures required

To qualify a recall election for the ballot, two different signature requirements are mentioned in the pertinent statutes:

  • Signatures equaling 3% of the inhabitants of the municipality according to the last federal census who are qualified to vote for a successor.

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Alabama Code §11-44-130

  • Signatures equaling 30% of those who voted in the last election.

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Alabama Code §11-44E-168

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