Lawsuit filed against Ohio casino petition

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July 20, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio: On Friday, opponents of a proposed casino petition filed a lawsuit with the Ohio Supreme Court claiming that the petition should be dismissed on grounds that the proposition was misrepresented by paid circulators. As of this month, supporters of the measure have collected 402,275 signatures in addition to the preliminary 452,595 signatures in order to place the ballot initiative on the November 2009 ballot. The preliminary signatures have already been validated. Among the list of alleged problems raised by opponent, they said that circulators listed motels, businesses and the campaign office of U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich as their home addresses. Sandy Theis, who works for MTR Gaming Group, owners of Scioto Downs horse track and Mountaineer casino, said that they believe approximately 500,000 signatures should be eliminated from the total count. Bob Tenenbaum, spokesman for casino supporters said that although he could not respond about the lawsuit, if the allegations are true, he could not condone them. "If the secretary of state says we're certified for the ballot, then we're confident that we're going to be certified for the ballot," Tenenbaum said.[1]

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