Leadville 1-Ounce Pot Legalization (November 2010)

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A Leadville 1-Ounce Pot Legalization proposition was going to be on the November 2 ballot in Lake County for voters in the city of Leadville, but it was later removed.

This measure was going to ask voters if they wanted to decriminalize the possession of 1 ounce of pot, currently there is a $100 fine if caught with that amount of pot. The measure was approved by the city council to be drafted, once the measure had drafted all that was needed was approval by the council for it to appear on the city election ballot. Opponents had come out against this saying that it was harmful to children, adding more legal drugs could potentially lead them to a younger age. Proponents were encouraged with this measure, stating that it showed how many communities were wanting to legalize pot. If this had been put on the ballot, it would have been the first pot question put on a ballot by city officials.[1]