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The League of Kansas Municipalities (LKM) is a government sector lobbying association in Kansas. It is a federation of over 575 Kansas cities and defined in creation, power, and duty by Kansas state law and voting delegates of its member cities. It is represented by the National League of Cities.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Kansas government sector lobbying

The League of Kansas Municipalities has a registered lobbyist with the Kansas Ethics Commission.[2]

Policy positions

Raising taxes

In its publications section and "Budget Tips," LKM provides a template ordinance for raising taxes in cities and counties to appropriate more funds to expand the next fiscal year's budget.[3]

Sunshine law

In January 2009, the Kansas Senate gave first-round approval to SB 34, which renewed 30 exceptions to the Kansas Open Records Act. Don Moler, executive director of the League of Kansas Municipalities spoke in favor of the bill, saying, ""Every one of the exemptions that are in there are in there for a reason."[4]

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