Lee County Use and Sales Tax Increase (November 2009)

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There was a County Use and Sales Tax Increase referendum on the November 3 ballot in Lee County. This measure sought to increase the county wide sales taxes by $.25.[1]

Election result

The measure was approved.[2]

Lee County Use and Sales Tax Increase
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 3799 66.54%
No 1910 33.46%
Total votes 5709 100.00%
Voter turnout 17.71%


Voters were also given this choice in 2007 but that tax was defeated by a slim margin. The money generated from this tax would go towards new school construction in the county.[3] Many in the county who are a part of the school system are trying to press the need of this tax to other voters. Many of the schools are in need of renovations and improvements that are long over due. Other matters in the county have been taking precedent over the schools, but now it is seen as their turn. Lee County High School is one of the top schools in need and it is such a great need that regardless of if the tax gets approved, there will be renovations to the school. But without the tax, the county budget will be more strained and other items may take a back seat. Some oppose how the county went about initiating this tax measure on the ballot, but none disagree that the High School needs work.[4]


There have been significant contributions for and against this tax measure. The group Americans for Prosperity has been the main force behind the opposition of this tax, with $6,536.55 being spent for signs and automated calls to local residents. The AFP is a national group with its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The Lee Education Investment Committee is the main force backing this tax issue and has raised $14,375 that was spent on brochures, yard signs and stickers. It was noted that 36 people donated this money to the Committee.[5]

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