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Legal Services Committee, Colorado General Assembly

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Colorado State Legislature
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The Committee on Legal Services is a joint standing committee of the Colorado General Assembly.

Per Section 2-3-502 of the Colorado Revised Statutes members of the joint Committee on Legal Services will include ten members of the Colorado General Assembly. These committee members will include the chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The remaining committee members will four members of the House and Senate with two members from each major political party, one member from these eight appointees from both the House and Senate must be an attorney, if there is an attorney in that house. The State Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate will appoint the members from their house and each legislative body must approve their respective members.[1] These eight members must be appointed within ten days of the first general session. Members remain a part of the joint Committee on Legal Services until another person is appointed in their stead, or until they leave office, whichever comes first. The chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees remain members of this committee as long as their chairmanship lasts. The committee selects their own chairman and vice-chairman.[2]

The Committee on Legal Services is also known as the Office of Legislative Legal Services and operates as a legislative services agency for the Colorado General Assembly.[3]
DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: [1]


The Office of Legislative Legal Services is the non-partisan, in-house counsel for the Colorado state legislature and writes laws, produces statutes, reviews administrative rules, comments on initiated measures, and serves as a resource of legislative information for the public. Our vision is to serve Colorado’s General Assembly and citizens, providing these services with excellence, to forward the cause of effective self-government.[4][5]



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Legal Services Senate Members, 2013
Democratic members (3)Republican members (2)
John Morse, ChairGreg Brophy
Lucia GuzmanEllen Roberts
Michael Johnston
Legal Services House Members, 2013
Democratic members (3)Republican members (2)
Jeanne Labuda, Vice ChairRay Scott
Daniel KaganBob Gardner
Mike Foote


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