Lehi City Administrative Charter Amendments, 2 (November 2011)

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Two Lehi City Administrative Charter Amendment measures may be on the November 2011 ballot in the city of Lehi which is in Utah County.

The first measure seeks to cap the salaries of administrative positions in the city; the second measure would make it so that city employees would have to live within the city limits. The two measures were brought forth by petitions, which gathered more than the needed 1,705 signatures needed to get the issues on to the ballot. The petitions were delivered to the City Clerk, which then gave a summary of the finding to the recorder's office.[1] The City Council then rejected the two proposals on the grounds that the subject matter addressed was not up for a referendum vote by the people. The City attorney noted that the subject matter was administrative in nature and that if these measures were approved they could possibly conflict with state law and leave the city open to lawsuits by those members affected.[2]


Due to the City Council rejecting the two petitions as invalid, those who supported them have asked the Utah Supreme Court to rule on the issue. The City was served notice of the intent to file the lawsuit, giving them time to present a case as to why they found the petitions to not be valid. Their main argument against the measures is that the subject matters is not up for a vote by the people.[3]