Leslie Wilde recall, Dunsmuir, California (2014)

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An effort to recall Council Member Leslie Wilde in Dunsmuir, California from her position was launched in November 2013.

Supporters of the recall include Dick and Mabel Kelby, Nick Mitchell, one of three past mayors to sign, an elected city official, an appointed city official and a city employee.[1] Wilde was successfully recalled and replaced by Dick Kelby.[2]

Recall supporter arguments

The recall effort was launched just as all Dunsmuir City Council positions were filled. Earlier in the year two council members suddenly resigned - Council Member Nick Mitchell and Mayor Chris Raine - leaving the council with only two members. A fifth seat was vacated in January 2013 by Council Member Diane Dolf after she moved out of the city.[3][4]

Recall supporters alleged that Wilde placed "her personal agenda and special interests above the community." They further alleged that she had defamed her opponents, barred them from participating in city committees and generally created a hostile environment.[5]

Official's response

Referring to the supporters of the recall effort, Wilde said, "It's the same group of people who recalled the last city council. They demand that councilors vote their way or they threaten recall. We're supposed to attract new businesses to town, and when visitors drive through town there's this recall tent in the parking lot of the most prominent business in Dunsmuir. It's political extortion."[5]

Wilde criticized the community's "constant recall campaigns," saying, "Recalls should be reserved for illegal activity or financial malfeasance, not personal dislike of a council member or sour grapes because their candidate didn't get elected."[6]

Path to the ballot

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A "notice of intent to recall" was first filed November 21, 2013 but the notice was deemed invalid because one of the 10 signers did not live within the city limits. A second notice was filed December 3, 2013.[1] On January 21, 2014, in advance of the February 3, 2014 petition deadline, recall proponents submitted enough valid signatures to prompt a recall election. Siskiyou County Clerk Colleen said, "They submitted 339 signatures. We verified 290. They needed 281 to put the race on the ballot." The recall election was scheduled for June 3, 2014.[7]

The following candidates appeared on the ballot, in addition to Wilde:[6]

  • Dick Kelby
  • Linda Gnesa
  • Lorenzo Castro
  • Bill McIntyre

Kelby was elected to replace Wilde.[2]

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