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The Lew Edwards Group is a political consulting firm based in Oakland, California.

According to the organization's website, "LEG principals, experts and consultants have worked on local measures and campaigns in virtually every County in California."

One speciality of the organization is "creating targeted mail with messaging and design that is tailored to address the unique nuances, issues and needs of your voting community."[1]

The Lew Edwards Group also has a specialty practice in local finance measures. It says, "Whether you are a City, School, Special District or other Public Agency, there are many factors that influence whether your agency will ultimately be successful, including: how your measure is crafted and the type of funding mechanism selected; the community benefits of the measure; and whether your public is engaged in the process. Overall planning and financial investment during these early stages of preparation is key to the viability of your issue or measure."[2]

As part of its service, the organization provides a "Finance Measure Checklist for Success."


The Lew Edwards Group was hired by the City of Novato in Marin County for $53,000 to work on providing information about Novato Sales Tax Increase, Measure F (November 2010). The city said that the information provided by the Lew Edwards Group would not cross the line into advocacy or electioneering.[3]

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