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Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska. It is one of 22 cities in the state. As of 2010, it has a population of 251,624 and is the county seat for Lancaster County.[1]


The 2011-2012 budget totals $143,914,692 in expenditures.[2]

Expenditure Amount Percentage
Police $39,928,848 28%
Fire $28,402,963 20%
Transfers $20,438,097 14%
Park and Rec $13,835,851 9%
Debt Service $8,010,466 6%
Libraries $7,553,382 5%
CIP $50,000 0%
Other Departments $25,695,085 18%
Total $143,914,692 100%
Revenue Type Amount Percentage
Sales Tax $58,655,174 41%
Property Tax $45,399,954 31%
Occupation Tax $11,327,520 8%
Fund Balances $3,731,559 3%
Fees and Other Revenue $24,800,485 17%
Total Revenues $143,914,692 100%

Public Employees

Elected Officials

The Lincoln City Council is made up of seven members, four from individual districts and three elected at-large for four year terms.[3]

First Last Position District Term Expiration
Doug Emery Council Member 1 2015
Jon Camp Council Member 2 2015
Jonathan Cook Council Member 3 2015
Carl Eskridge Vice-Chair 4 2015
Eugene Carroll Council Member At-Large 2013
Adam Hornung Chair At-Large 2013
DiAnna Schimek Council Member At-Large 2013


The current mayor is Chris Beutler. He was first elected in 2007 and re-elected in 2011.[4]


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Pay plans for city employees can be found here.


See also: Nebraska public pensions

Information regarding police and fire pension plans can be found here.

Emergency personnel

The city of Lincoln has its own Police and Fire Department. Benefits information for police employees is posted.


See also: Nebraska government sector lobbying

According to, Lincoln has spent $600,000 on lobbying since 2002.[5]

Year Amount Spent on Lobbying
2011 $20,000
2010 $80,000
2009 $80,000
2008 $80,000
2007 $80,000
2006 $80,000
2005 $80,000
2004 $40,000
2003 $40,000
2002 $20,000
Total $600,000

Transparency & public records

The Lincoln website does not have information regarding public records policies or requests.


City tax information can be found through the Lincoln Treasurer, but many of the taxes are the responsibility of other municipalities such as Lancaster County.[6]

Website evaluation

Budget Y
600px-Yes check.png
Meetings Y
600px-Yes check.png
Elected Officials Y
600px-Yes check.png
Administrative Officials Y
600px-Yes check.png
Permits, zoning Y
600px-Yes check.png
Audits Y
600px-Yes check.png
Lobbying N
600px-Red x.png
Public Records P
Local Taxes N
600px-Red x.png

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Transparency grading process
Main article: Evaluation of Nebraska city websites

Last rated on Aug. 31, 2012.

The good

  • Budget
    • Budget report for fiscal year 2005 through 2014 available[7]
  • Meetings
    • Agendas and minutes are available for City Council Meetings.[8]
  • Elected Officials
    • The Mayor and city council officials contact information and detailed biographies are posted online.[9]
  • Administrative Officials
    • Officials are listed on department pages.
  • Building Permits and Zoning
    • Building permit forms information[10] and zoning information[11] are available on the website.
  • Audits
    • Audit reports are available.[12]
  • Contracts
    • Information on bids and proposals are available[13]
    • Approved contract statements are available in an online database.[14]
  • Public records

The bad

  • Lobbying
    • Lobbying information and ethics is not noted.
  • Public Records
    • Public records policies and information on how to request records are not available.
    • The public information office is not identified and does not provide a mailing address, phone number, or personalized email address.
  • Local Taxes
    • Does not provide information on local taxes.

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