List of Arizona veto referendums

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List of measures

This page is a list of Arizona referendum measures, also known commonly as veto referenda.


Defeatedd means that an act of the Arizona State Legislature was overturned.
Approveda means that an act of the legislature was ratified.


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Approveda Mining Liens Referendum, Questions 302 and 303
Approveda Train Employee Regulations Referendum, Questions 304 and 305
Approveda Train Headline Regulations Referendum, Questions 306 and 307
Approveda Train Engineer and Conductor Regulations Referendum, Questions 308 and 309
Approveda Train Car Limits Referendum, Questions 310 and 311
Approveda Passenger Train Rates Referendum, Questions 312 and 313
Approveda Semi-monthly Paydays Referendum, Questions 314 and 315
Approveda Hunting of Birds and Animals Referendum, Questions 316 and 317


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Approveda Pardons Referendum, Questions 300 and 301
Approveda Passenger Transportation on Railroads Regulation Referendum, Questions 302 and 303
Approveda County Creation and Reformation Referendum, Questions 304 and 305
Approveda Change of County Seat Referendum, Questions 306 and 307


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Approveda Gambling as Misdemeanor, Proposition 6
Approveda Property Utilized for Prostitution or Lewdness as Misdemeanor, Proposition 7


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Approveda Preliminary Exams for Prosecutorial Information, Proposition 5


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Defeatedd Simple Majority in Primary Elections, Proposition 3


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Defeatedd Meat Inspection Codes, Proposition 2


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Defeatedd License Tax on Peddlers, Proposition 3
Defeatedd Ban Bidding on Municipal Bond Issuing Compensation, Proposition 4
Defeatedd Physical Education in Public Schools, Proposition 5
Defeatedd Title Certificates and Driving Permits, Proposition 6


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Defeatedd Economic and Fiscal Survey, Proposition 6


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Defeatedd Basic Science Requirement for Medicine, Proposition 7
Defeatedd Judgement of Foreclosure, Proposition 8


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Defeatedd Regulation of Dental Advertising, Proposition 7


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Defeatedd Regulation of Dental Advertising, Proposition 7


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Defeatedd Prohibit Union Membership for Employment, Proposition 4


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Approveda License Tax Amendment, Proposition 103
Approveda Term Limit Amendment, Proposition 104
Approveda Corporate Commission Appointment Amendment, Proposition 105
Approveda Corporate Commission Insurer Control Amendment, Proposition 106
Approveda State Examiner Repeal Amendment, Proposition 107
Approveda State Auditor Repeal Amendment, Proposition 108
Approveda Legislator Travel Expense Amendment, Proposition 109


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Defeatedd Martin Luther King Day as a State Holiday, Proposition 301
Defeatedd Martin Luther King, Jr. Day/Civil Rights Day, Proposition 302


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Defeatedd Private Property Rights, Proposition 300
Defeatedd Limits on Lawsuits, Proposition 301


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Defeatedd Medical Use of Schedule 1 Drugs, Proposition 300
Defeatedd Probation Eligibility for Drug Offenses, Proposition 301


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Defeatedd Sales Tax for Education, Proposition 301


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