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Ballot measures
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Maine voters are authorized in the Maine Constitution to use the process of veto referendum to challenge laws recently passed by the Maine State Legislature. In Maine, this process is known as the "People's Veto."

According to the laws governing the initiative & referendum process in Maine, the required number of valid signatures to put a People's Veto on the ballot is set at 10% of the number of votes cast for the office of Governor of Maine in the most recent gubernatorial election. Gubernatorial elections are held in Maine every four years; the most recent gubernatorial election was in 2010 when 572,766 total votes were cast for the office of governor.

Of the 29 People's Vetos that have been on the Maine ballot from 1910 through 2010, Maine voters have rejected 17 acts of the Maine legislature and upheld (or ratified) 12 statutes.

Total on ballot Legislative acts ratified Legislative acts rejected
29 12 17

List of veto referenda

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Prior to 1998, when a People's Veto question appeared on the ballot, voters were asked if they wished a particular statute to become law. Starting in 1998, with Maine Sexual Orientation Discrimination People's Veto, Question 1, the standard form of the question on the ballot changed, and voters were asked not if they wanted to accept the law, but whether they wanted to reject it.

Consequently, starting in 1998, a "yes" vote is a vote to reject a law recently passed by the legislature, whereas prior to 1998, a "yes" vote was a vote to accept a recently enacted law.

The form of questions -- indicating whether a "yes" ratifies or rejects -- from 1910-1934 is not listed on the main documentary source for information about the People's Veto in Maine, which is the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library. The chart below assumes that throughout that time, a "yes" vote was a ratification, since that was the pattern for the next sixty years.

# Year Description Approve Reject Outcome
1 1910 An Act to Make Uniform the Standard Relating to the Percentage of Alcohol in Intoxicating Liquors 31,093 40,475 Act vetoed
2 1910 An Act to Divide the Town of York and Establish the Town of Gorges 19,692 34,722 Act vetoed
3 1910 An Act Relating to the Reconstruction of Portland Bridge 21,251 29,851 Act vetoed
4 1912 An Act to Provide for the Use of Uniform Ballot Boxes and the Preservation of ballot Cast at Elections 72,816 33,884 Act ratified
5 1914 An Act to Create a Public Utilities Commission 67,635 37,008 Act ratified
6 1916 An Act Relative to the Hours of Employment of Women and Minors 95,591 40,252 Act ratified
7 1920 An Act Granting to Women the Right to Vote for Presidential Electors 88,080 30,462 Act ratified
8 1922 An Act to Provide for a Full Time State Highway Commission 56,822 60,258 Act vetoed
9 1925 An Act Relating to Standard Time 34,414 28,454 Act ratified
10 1925 Act to Define Certain Grades of Milk Offered for Sale Within the State 19,607 38,056 Act vetoed
11 1928 An Act Relating to the Excise Tax on Railroads 119,762 52,350 Act ratified
12 1929 Gas tax increase 35,258 79,673 Act vetoed
13 1931 An Act Relating to the Administration of the State 41,077 30,368 Act ratified
14 1932 Gas tax increase 24,008 195,922 Act vetoed
15 1934 An Act Relating to Transportation of Intoxicating Liquor 141,259 82,877 Act ratified
16 1936 An Act Relative to Resident Fishing and Hunting Licenses 132,400 113,634 Act ratified
17 1940 An Act Relating to Elections in the City of Biddeford 70,412 70,226 Act ratified
18 1940 An Act to Provide a Police Commission for the City of Biddeford 69,933 67,179 Act ratified
19 1941 An Act Imposing an Additional Gasoline Tax 14,520 32,131 Act vetoed
20 1958 An Act Increasing Registration Fees for Motor Vehicles and Operators' Licenses 22,495 106,840 Act vetoed
21 1958 An Act Relating to Registration Fees on Certain Commercial Vehicles 22,495 106,840 Act vetoed
22 1966 An Act Relating to Sunday Sale of Liquor 101,086 102,392 Act vetoed
23 1974 An Act to Change Weights and related Provisions for Commercial Vehicles 123,501 197,946 Act vetoed
24 1980 An Act to Amend the Laws Relating to Games of Chance 14,520 32,131 Act vetoed
25 1998 An Act to Prevent Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation 145,452 138,135 Act vetoed
26 2005 An Act To Extend Civil Rights Protections to All People Regardless of Sexual Orientation 181,926 223,274 Act ratified
27 2008 An Act To Continue Maine 's Leadership in Covering the Uninsured (Dirigo Tax) 462,818 253,026 Act vetoed
28 2009 Same-Sex Marriage People's Veto, Question 1 300,848 267,828 Act vetoed
29 2010 Tax Code People's Veto, Question 1 193,960 124,928 Act vetoed

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