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List of Proposition 7 supporters

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These individuals and organizations are listed as supporting California Proposition 7 (2008):

List of Proposition 7 supporters

  • Progressive Democrats of America - Monterey County
  • Walter Kohn-Research Professor of Physics and Chemistry - University of California Santa Barbara, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1998
  • Alicia Wang - Vice Chair, California Democratic Party
  • John L. Burton - Past President pro Tem California State Senate, and former Chair, California Democratic Party
  • Alan J. Heeger - Professor of Physics and Professor of Materials - University of California Santa Barbara, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2000
  • Herbert Kroemer (dead link) - Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of California Santa Barbara, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2000
  • Danny Glover - actor, environmental justice activist
  • Keith Carson - Member, Alameda County Board of Supervisors
  • Bevan Dufty - Supervisor, City and County of San Francisco.
  • Art Agnos - Former Mayor, City and County of San Francisco (ret.)
  • Robin Bedel-White - MPH, Coordinator, Contra Costa Green Business Program
  • Rev. Amos Brown - Third Baptist Church/President, San Francisco Chapter, NAACP
  • Neil Eisenberg - Chairman of the Board, The Oceanic Society
  • James Gollin - Chair, Board of Directors, Rainforest Action Network
  • Senator Martha Escutia (ret.) - Former Chair of the State Senate Energy Committee
  • Dolores Huerta - Co-Founder of the United Farmworkers Union
  • Gordon Roddick - Environmental Activist and Co-Founder, The Body Shop
  • Christine Pelosi - Former Executive Director, California Democratic Party[1]
  • Assemblymember Joe Coto - Chair of the California Legislative Latino Caucus
  • Robert Demmons - Chief, San Francisco Fire Department (ret.)
  • Senator Liz Figueroa (ret.) - Former Chair of the State Senate Business and Professions Committee
  • Dr. Yogi Goswami, Ph.D. - Past President, International Solar Energy Society
  • Randall Hayes - Founder Rainforest Action, Environmental Activist
  • Manny Hernandez - President, Sacramento City School Board
  • Rev. Calvin Jones - Providence Baptist Church
  • Gerardo Sandoval - San Francisco County Supervisor
  • Senator John Vasconcellos (ret.) - Former Chair of the State Senate Committee on Economic Development
  • Rev. Aurelius Walker - Good Hope Church of God in Christ
  • Alicia Wang - Vice Chair, California Democratic Party
  • Dr. Ernst von Weizsaker Ph.D. - Dean, Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California Santa Barbara
  • Bill Wong - Former Vice Chair, San Francisco Building Trades Council

Biographical information

Proposition 7 was supported by Dr. Donald Aitken, a pioneer in the renewable energy field, and David Freeman, the energy policy advisory to Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.[2][3]

The coalition to support Proposition 7 included the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara; Alicia Wang, Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party; Christine Pelosi, former Executive Director of the Democratic Party; Senator Marta Escutia, former chair of the State Senate Energy Committee; the Monterey County Progressive Democrats of America; State Senator John L. Burton; James Gollin, former chair of the State Senate Energy Committee; and Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union.

Jim Gonzalez, founding partner of the political consulting firm Jim Gonzalez & Associates in Sacramento, was the initiative's chief spokesperson. In the 1980s, he was a chief aide to then San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein, who appointed Gonzalez to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Gonzalez was elected to the position in 1988 and served until 1992. When Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and Sempra put $23.7 million into a committee to defeat Proposition 7, Gonzalez stated that "This is a declaration of war,"[6] noting that “The utility companies can run but they can't hide ... They can't hide behind environmental groups and they can't hide behind political parties whose conventions they sponsor."

The primary financial backer of the initiative was Peter Sperling, a philanthropist who, with his wife, gave $5 million dollars to save the Ellwood Mesa Coast wetlands in Santa Barbara County.

David Freeman, who was the energy policy advisor to presidents Kennedy and Johnson, helped solve the 2001 energy crisis in California, and ran some of the largest utility companies in the country, such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He was Proposition 7's chief spokesperson.


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