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Louisiana was admitted as the 18th state to the United States of America on April 30, 1812. As of 2011, a total of 163 individuals have represented Louisiana in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Louisiana are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Louisiana.

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Louisiana.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Louisiana
Party Total
     Democratic 52
     Republican 10
     Democratic-Republican 3
     National Republican 2
     Whig 9
     Know-Nothing 2
     Liberal Republican 2
     Unionist 1
Total Representatives 81
Representatives to the U.S. House from Louisiana
Representative Years Served Party
Thomas B. Robertson 1812–1818 Democratic-Republican
Thomas Butler 1818–1821 Democratic-Republican
Josiah S. Johnston 1821–1823 Democratic-Republican
William Leigh Brent 1823–1829 National Republican
Edward Livingston 1823–1829 Democratic
Henry Hosford Gurley 1823–1831 National Republican
Walter Hampden Overton 1829–1831 Democratic
Edward D. White, Sr. 1829–1834 and 1839–1843 Whig
Henry Adams Bullard 1831–1834 and 1850–1851 Whig
Philemon Thomas 1831–1835 Democratic
Henry Johnson 1834–1839 Whig
Rice Garland 1834–1840 Whig
Eleazar W. Ripley 1835–1839 Democratic
Thomas Withers Chinn 1839–1841 Whig
John Moore 1840–1843 and 1851–1853 Whig
John Bennett Dawson 1841–1845 Democratic
Pierre Bossier 1843–1844 Democratic
Alcée Louis la Branche 1843–1845 Democratic
John Slidell 1843–1845 Democratic
Isaac Edward Morse 1844–1851 Democratic
Bannon G. Thibodeaux 1845–1849 Democratic
John H. Harmanson 1845–1850 Democratic
Emile La Sére 1846–1851 Democratic
Charles Magill Conrad 1849–1850 Whig
Alexander G. Penn 1850–1853 Democratic
Joseph Aristide Landry 1851–1853 Whig
Louis St. Martin 1851–1853 and 1885–1887 Democratic
William Dunbar 1853–1855 Democratic
Theodore Gaillard Hunt 1853–1855 Whig
Roland Jones 1853–1855 Democratic
John Perkins, Jr. 1853–1855 Democratic
George Eustis Jr. 1855–1859 Know-Nothing
John M. Sandidge 1855–1859 Democratic
Thomas G. Davidson 1855–1861 Democratic
Miles Taylor 1855–1861 Democratic
John Edward Bouligny 1859–1861 Know-Nothing
John M. Landrum 1859–1861 Democratic
Benjamin Flanders 1862–1863 Unionist
Michael Hahn 1862–1863 and 1885–1886 Republican
James Mann 1868 Democratic
W. Jasper Blackburn 1868–1869 Republican
Michel Vidal 1868–1869 Republican
Joseph P. Newsham 1868–1871 Republican
J. Hale Sypher 1868–1875 Republican
Lionel Allen Sheldon 1869–1875 Republican
Frank Morey 1869–1876 Republican
Chester Bidwell Darrall 1869–1878 and 1881–1883 Republican
James McCleery 1871 Republican
Alexander Boarman 1872–1873 Liberal Republican
George A. Sheridan 1873–1875 Liberal Republican
George Luke Smith 1873–1875 Republican
Effingham Lawrence 1875 Democratic
William M. Levy 1875–1877 Democratic
Charles E. Nash 1875–1877 Republican
Randall L. Gibson 1875–1883 Democratic
E. John Ellis 1875–1885 Democratic
William B. Spencer 1876–1877 Democratic
John E. Leonard 1877–1878 Republican
Joseph Barton Elam 1877–1881 Democratic
Edward White Robertson 1877–1883 and 1887 Democratic
J. Smith Young 1878–1879 Democratic
Joseph H. Acklen 1878–1881 Democratic
J. Floyd King 1879–1887 Democratic
Newton C. Blanchard 1881–1894 Democratic
Carleton Hunt 1883–1885 Democratic
William P. Kellogg 1883–1885 Republican
Edward T. Lewis 1883–1885 Democratic
Alfred Briggs Irion 1885–1887 Democratic
Edward J. Gay 1885–1889 Democratic
Nathaniel D. Wallace 1886–1887 Democratic
Cherubusco Newton 1887–1889 Democratic
Matthew D. Lagan 1887–1889 and 1891–1893 Democratic
Theodore S. Wilkinson 1887–1891 Democratic
Samuel Matthews Robertson 1887–1907 Democratic
Hamilton D. Coleman 1889–1891 Republican
Charles J. Boatner 1889–1897 Democratic
Andrew Price 1889–1897 Democratic
Adolph Meyer 1891–1908 Democratic
Robert C. Davey 1893–1895 and 1897–1908 Democratic
Henry W. Ogden 1894–1899 Democratic
Charles F. Buck 1895–1897 Democratic
Samuel T. Baird 1897–1899 Democratic
Robert F. Broussard 1897–1915 Democratic
Phanor Breazeale 1899–1905 Democratic
Joseph E. Ransdell 1899–1913 Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Louisiana
Party Total
     Democratic 58
     Republican 10
Total Representatives 68
Representatives to the U.S. House from Louisiana
Representative Years Served Party
Arsène Pujo 1903–1913 Democratic
John T. Watkins 1905–1921 Democratic
George K. Favrot 1907–1909 and 1921–1925 Democratic
Albert Estopinal 1908–1919 Democratic
Samuel Louis Gilmore 1909–1910 Democratic
Robert Charles Wickliffe 1909–1912 Democratic
H. Garland Dupré 1910–1924 Democratic
Lewis L. Morgan 1912–1917 Democratic
James Walter Elder 1913–1915 Democratic
Ladislas Lazaro 1913–1927 Democratic
James Benjamin Aswell 1913–1931 Democratic
Whitmell P. Martin 1915–1929 Democratic
Riley J. Wilson 1915–1937 Democratic
Jared Y. Sanders, Sr. 1917–1921 Democratic
James O'Connor 1919–1931 Democratic
John N. Sandlin 1921–1937 Democratic
James Z. Spearing 1924–1931 Democratic
Bolivar E. Kemp 1925–1933 Democratic
René L. De Rouen 1927–1941 Democratic
Numa F. Montet 1929–1937 Democratic
John H. Overton 1931–1933 Democratic
Paul H. Maloney 1931–1940 and 1943–1947 Democratic
Joachim O. Fernandez 1931–1941 Democratic
Cleveland Dear 1933–1937 Democratic
Jared Y. Sanders, Jr. 1934–1937 and 1941–1943 Democratic
John K. Griffith 1937–1941 Democratic
Robert L. Mouton 1937–1941 Democratic
Newt V. Mills 1937–1943 Democratic
A. Leonard Allen 1937–1953 Democratic
Overton Brooks 1937–1961 Democratic
Vance Plauche 1941–1943 Democratic
Hale Boggs 1941–1943 and 1947–1972 Democratic
James R. Domengeaux 1941–1949 Democratic
F. Edward Hébert 1941–1977 Democratic
Charles E. McKenzie 1943–1947 Democratic
Henry D. Larcade, Jr. 1943–1953 Democratic
James H. Morrison 1943–1967 Democratic
Otto Passman 1947–1977 Democratic
Edwin E. Willis 1949–1969 Democratic
George S. Long 1953–1958 Democratic
T. Ashton Thompson 1953–1965 Democratic
Harold B. McSween 1959–1963 Democratic
Joe Waggonner 1961–1979 Democratic
Gillis W. Long 1963–1965 and 1973–1985 Democratic
Edwin Edwards 1965–1972 Democratic
Speedy O. Long 1965–1973 Democratic
John Rarick 1967–1975 Democratic
Patrick T. Caffery 1969–1973 Democratic
John Breaux 1972–1987 Democratic
David C. Treen 1973–1980 Republican
Lindy Boggs 1973–1991 Democratic
Henson Moore 1975–1987 Republican
Richard A. Tonry 1977 Democratic
Jerry Huckaby 1977–1993 Democratic
Bob Livingston 1977–1999 Republican
Claude Leach 1979–1981 Democratic
Billy Tauzin 1980–2005 Republican
Buddy Roemer 1981–1988 Democratic
Catherine S. Long 1985–1987 Democratic
Clyde C. Holloway 1987–1993 Republican
Jimmy Hayes 1987–1997 Republican
Richard Baker 1987–2008 Republican
Jim McCrery 1988–2009 Republican
William J. Jefferson 1991–2009 Democratic
Cleo Fields 1993–1997 Democratic
John Cooksey 1997–2003 Republican
Chris John 1997–2005 Democratic
David Vitter 1999–2005 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Louisiana
Party Total
     Democratic 3
     Republican 10
Total Representatives 13
Representatives to the U.S. House from Louisiana
Representative Years Served Party
Rodney Alexander 2003-2013 Republican
Bobby Jindal 2005–2008 Republican
Charlie Melancon 2005–2011 Democratic
Charles Boustany Jr. 2005-Present Republican
Don Cazayoux 2008–2009 Democratic
Steve Scalise 2008-Present Republican
Joseph Cao 2009–2011 Republican
Bill Cassidy 2009-2015 Republican
John Fleming 2009-Present Republican
Cedric Richmond 2011-Present Democratic
Jeff Landry 2011-2013 Republican
Vance McAllister 2013-2015 Republican
Garret Graves 2015-present Republican
Ralph Abraham 2015-present Republican

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