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New Hampshire was admitted as the 9th state to the United States of America on June 21, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 147 individuals have represented New Hampshire in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from New Hampshire are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from New Hampshire.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1700s from New Hampshire
Party Total
     Anti-Administration 1
     Pro-Administration 3
     Federalist 6
     Democratic-Republican 1
Total Representatives 11
Representatives to the U.S. House from New Hampshire
Representatives Years Served Party
Abiel Foster 1789-1790, 1795-1802 Pro-Administration
Samuel Livermore 1789-1792 Federalist
Nicholas Gilman 1789-1796 Democratic-Republican
Jeremiah Smith 1791-1798 Pro-Administration
Paine Wingate 1793-1794 Pro-Administration
John Samuel Sherburne 1793-1796 Anti-Administration
Peleg Sprague 1797-1798 Federalist
Jonathan Freeman 1797-1800 Federalist
William Gordon 1797-1800 Federalist
James Sheafe 1799-1800 Federalist
Samuel Tenney 1799-1806 Federalist
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from New Hampshire
Party Total
     Democratic 24
     Republican 39
     Federalist 20
     Democratic-Republican 1
     Unknown 1
     Whig 3
     Jacksonian 10
     American Party 2
     Adams 5
Total Representatives 105
Representatives to the U.S. House from New Hampshire
Representatives Years Served Party
Joseph Peirce 1801-1802 Federalist
George Baxter Upham 1801-1802 Federalist
Samuel Hunt 1801-1804 Federalist
Clifton Clagett 1803-1804, 1817-1820 Federalist
Silas Betton 1803-1806 Federalist
David Hough 1803-1806 Federalist
Caleb Ellis 1805-1806 Federalist
Thomas Weston Thompson 1805-1806 Federalist
Peter Carleton 1807-1808 Republican
Daniel Meserve Durell 1807-1808 Republican
Francis Gardner 1807-1808 Republican
Jedediah Kilburn Smith 1807-1808 Republican
Clement Storer 1807-1808 Democratic-Republican
Daniel Blaisdell 1809-1810 Federalist
John Curtis Chamberlain 1809-1810 Federalist
Nathaniel Appleton Haven 1809-1810 Federalist
James Wilson 1809-1810 Federalist
William Hale 1809-1816 Federalist
Josiah Bartlett, Jr. 1811-1812 Republican
Samuel Dinsmoor 1811-1812 Republican
Obed Hall 1811-1812 Republican
John Adams Harper 1811-1812 Republican
George Sullivan 1811-1812 Federalist
Samuel Smith 1813-1814 Federalist
Bradbury Cilley 1813-1816 Federalist
Roger Vose 1813-1816 Federalist
Daniel Webster 1813-1816 Federalist
Jeduthun Wilcox 1813-1816 Federalist
Charles Humphrey Atherton 1815-1816 Federalist
Salma Hale 1817-1818 Republican
John Fabyan Parrott 1817-1818 Republican
Arthur Livermore 1817-1820, 1823-1824 Republican
Josiah Butler 1817-1822 Republican
Nathaniel Upham 1817-1822 Republican
Joseph Buffum, Jr. 1819-1820 Republican
William Plumer, Jr. 1819-1824 Republican
Matthew Harvey 1821-1824 Republican
Aaron Matson 1821-1824 Republican
Thomas Whipple, Jr. 1821-1828 Unknown
Ichabod Bartlett 1823-1828 Adams-Clay Republican
Nehemiah EAstman 1825-1826 Adams
Titus Brown 1825-1828 Adams
Joseph Healy 1825-1828 Adams
Jonathan Harvey 1825-1830 Jacksonian
David Barker, Jr. 1827-1828 Adams
John Brodhead 1829-1832 Jacksonian
Thomas Chandler 1829-1832 Jacksonian
Joseph Hammons 1829-1832 Jacksonian
John Wingate Weeks 1829-1832 Jacksonian
Henry Hubbard 1829-1834 Jacksonian
Joseph Morrill Harper 1831-1834 Jacksonian
Benning Moulton Bean 1833-1836 Jacksonian
Robert Burns 1833-1836 Jacksonian
Franklin Pierce 1833-1836 Democratic
Moses Norris, Jr. 1834-1846 Democratic
Samuel Cushman 1835-1838 Jacksonian
Joseph Weeks 1835-1838 Democratic
James Farrington 1837-1838 Democratic
Jared Warner Williams 1837-1840 Democratic
Charles Gordon Atherton 1837-1842 Democratic
Ira Allen Eastman 1839-1842 Democratic
Tristram Shaw 1839-1842 Democratic
Edmund Burke 1839-1844 Democratic
John Randall Reding 1841-1844 Democratic
John Parker Hale 1843-1844 Democratic
Mace Moulton 1845-1846 Democratic
James Hutchins Johnson 1845-1848 Democratic
James Wilson 1847-1850 Whig
Charles Hazen Peaslee 1847-1852 Democratic
Amos Tuck 1847-1852 Whig
George Washington Morrison 1849-1850, 1853-1854 Democratic
Harry Hibbard 1849-1854 Democratic
Jared Perkins 1851-1852 Whig
George Washington Kittredge 1853-1854 Democratic
Aaron Harrison Cragin 1855-1858 Republican
James Pike 1855-1858 American Party
Mason Weare Tappan 1855-1860 American Party
Thomas McKey Edwards 1859-1862 Republican
Gilman Marston 1859-1862, 1865-1866 Republican
Edward Henry Rollins 1861-1866 Republican
Daniel Marcy 1863-1864 Democratic
James Willis Patterson 1863-1866 Republican
Jacob Benton 1867-1870 Republican
Jacob Hart Ela 1867-1870 Republican
Aaron Fletcher Stevens 1867-1870 Republican
Ellery Albee Hibbard 1871-1872 Democratic
Samuel Newell Bell 1871-1872, 1875-1876 Democratic
Hosea Washington Parker 1871-1874 Democratic
Austin Franklin Pike 1873-1874 Republican
William Bradbury Small 1873-1874 Republican
Frank Jones 1875-1878 Democratic
Henry William Blair 1875-1878, 1893-1894 Republican
James Frankland Briggs 1877-1882 Republican
Evarts Worcester Farr 1879-1880 Republican
Joshua Gilman Hall 1879-1882 Republican
Ossian Ray 1879-1884 Republican
Martin Alonzo Haynes 1883-1886 Republican
Jacob Harold Gallinger 1885-1888 Republican
Luther Franklin McKinney 1887-1888,1891-1892 Democratic
Orren Cheney Moore 1889-1890 Republican
Alonzo Nute 1889-1890 Republican
Warren Fisher Daniell 1891-1892 Democratic
Henry Moore Baker 1893-1896 Republican
Cyrus Adams Sulloway 1895-1918 Republican
Frank Gay Clarke 1897-1900 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from New Hampshire
Party Total
     Democratic 7
     Republican 19
Total Representatives 26
Representatives to the U.S. House from New Hampshire
Representatives Years Served Party
Frank Dunklee Currier 1901-1912 Republican
Eugene Elliott Reed 1913-1914 Democratic
Raymond Bartlett Stevens 1913-1914 Democratic
Edward Hills Wason 1915-1932 Republican
Sherman Everett Burroughs 1917-1922 Republican
William Nathaniel Rogers 1923-1924, 1931-1936 Democratic
Fletcher Hale 1925-1932 Republican
Charles William Tobey 1933-1938 Republican
Alphonse Roy 1937-1938 Democratic
Arthur Byron Jenks 1937-1942 Republican
Foster Waterman Stearns 1939-1944 Republican
Chester Earl Merrow 1943-1962 Republican
Sherman Adams 1945-1946 Republican
Norris H. Cotton 1947-1954 Republican
Perkins Bass 1955-1962 Republican
Louis Crosby Wyman 1963-1974 Republican
James Colgate Cleveland 1963-1980 Republican
Joseph Oliva Huot 1965-1966 Democratic
Norman Edward D'amours 1975-1984 Democratic
Judd Alan Gregg 1981-1988 Republican
Robert C. Smith 1985-1990 Republican
Charles Gywnne Douglas, III 1989-1990 Republican
Richard Swett 1991-1994 Democratic
William H. Zeliff, Jr. 1991-1996 Republican
Charles Foster Bass 1995-2006, 2011-2013 Republican
John E. Sununu 1997-2002 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from New Hampshire
Party Total
     Democratic 3
     Republican 2
Total Representatives 5
Representatives to the U.S. House from New Hampshire
Representatives Years Served Party
Jeb Bradley 2003-2006 Republican
Paul Hodes 2007-2010 Democratic
Carol Shea-Porter 2007-2010, 2013-2015 Democratic
Frank Guinta 2011-2013, 2015-present Republican
Annie Kuster 2013-present Democratic

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