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List of United States Representatives from South Carolina

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South Carolina was admitted as the 8th state to the United States of America on May 23, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 216 individuals have represented South Carolina in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from South Carolina are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from South Carolina.


Historical Representation to the US House by Party in the 1800s from South Carolina
Party Total
     Democratic 66
     Republican 17
     Democratic-Republican 42
     Nullifier 6
     Whig 2
     Federalist 7
     Anti-Administration 6
     Pro-Administration 2
Total Representatives 148
Representatives to the U.S. House in South Carolina in the 1800s
Representative Years Served Party
Aedanus Burke 1789–1791 Anti-Administration
Daniel Huger 1789–1793 Pro-Administration
Thomas T. Tucker 1789–1793 Anti-Administration
Thomas Sumter 1789–1793, 1797-1801 Democratic-Republican
William L. Smith 1789–1797 Federalist
Robert Barnwell 1791–1793 Pro-Administration
Alexander Gillon 1793–1794 Anti-Administration
John Hunter 1793–1795 Anti-Administration
Andrew Pickens 1793–1795 Anti-Administration
Richard Winn 1793–1797, 1803-1813 Democratic-Republican
Lemuel Benton 1793–1799 Anti-Administration
Robert Goodloe Harper 1795-1801 Federalist
Samuel Earle 1795–1797 Democratic-Republican
Wade Hampton I 1795–1797, 1803-1805 Democratic-Republican
William Smith 1797–1799 Democratic-Republican
Thomas Pinckney 1797–1801 Federalist
John Rutledge, Jr. 1797–1803 Federalist
Abraham Nott 1799–1801 Federalist
Benjamin Huger 1799–1805, 1815-1817 Federalist
Thomas Lowndes 1801–1805 Federalist
William Butler 1801–1813 Democratic-Republican
Thomas Moore 1801–1813,1815-1817 Democratic-Republican
John B. Earle 1803–1805 Democratic-Republican
Levi Casey 1803–1807 Democratic-Republican
O'Brien Smith 1805–1807 Democratic-Republican
Elias Earle 1805–1807, 1811-1815, 1817-1821 Democratic-Republican
David Rogerson Williams 1805–1809, 1811-1813 Democratic Republican
Robert Marion 1805–1810 Democratic-Republican
John Taylor 1807–1810 Democratic-Republican
Lemuel J. Alston 1807–1811 Democratic-Republican
Joseph Calhoun 1807–1811 Democratic-Republican
Robert Witherspoon 1809–1811 Democratic-Republican
Langdon Cheves 1810–1815 Democratic-Republican
John C. Calhoun 1811–1817 Democratic-Republican
William Lowndes 1811–1822 Democratic-Republican
David R. Evans 1813–1815 Democratic-Republican
Samuel Farrow 1813–1815 Democratic-Republican
Theodore Gourdin 1813–1815 Democratic-Republican
John Kershaw 1813–1815 Democratic-Republican
John J. Chappell 1813–1817 Democratic-Republican
William Mayrant 1815–1816 Democratic-Republican
John Taylor 1815–1817 Democratic-Republican
William Woodward 1815–1817 Democratic-Republican
Henry Middleton 1815–1819 Democratic-Republican
Joseph Bellinger 1817–1819 Democratic-Republican
Stephen Decatur Miller 1817–1819 Democratic-Republican
Wilson Nesbitt 1817–1819 Democratic-Republican
James Ervin 1817–1821 Democratic-Republican
Starling Tucker 1817–1831 Democratic
Eldred Simkins 1818–1821 Democratic-Republican
Joseph Brevard 1819–1821 Democratic-Republican
John McCreary 1819–1821 Democratic-Republican
Charles Pinckney 1819–1821 Democratic-Republican
James Overstreet 1819–1822 Democratic-Republican
James Blair 1821–1822, 1829-1834 Democratic-Republican
Thomas R. Mitchell 1821–1823 ,1825-1829, 1831-1833 Democratic
Joel Roberts Poinsett 1821–1825 Democratic
Joseph Gist 1821–1827 Democratic-Republican
John Wilson 1821–1827 Democratic
George McDuffie 1821–1834 Democratic
Andrew R. Govan 1822–1827 Democratic-Republican
John Carter 1822–1829 Democratic-Republican
James Hamilton, Jr. 1822–1829 Democratic
Robert B. Campbell 1823–1825, 1834-1837 Democratic-Republican
William Drayton 1825–1833 Democratic
William D. Martin 1827–1831 Democratic
William T. Nuckolls 1827–1833 Democratic
Warren R. Davis 1827–1835 Democratic
John Campbell 1829–1831, 1837-1845 Democratic
Robert Woodward Barnwell 1829–1833 Democratic
John Myers Felder 1831–1835 Democratic
John K. Griffin 1831–1841 Democratic
Thomas D. Singleton 1833 Nullifier
William K. Clowney 1833–1835, 1837-1839 Nullifier
William J. Grayson 1833–1837 Nullifier
Henry L. Pinckney 1833–1837 Nullifier
Richard Irvine Manning I 1834–1836 Democratic
Francis Wilkinson Pickens 1834–1843 Nullifier
James Henry Hammond 1835–1836 Nullifier
James Rogers 1835–1837, 1839-1843 Democratic
Waddy Thompson, Jr. 1835–1841 Whig
Franklin H. Elmore 1836–1839 Democratic
John Peter Richardson II 1836–1839 Democratic
Hugh S. Legaré 1837–1839 Democratic
Robert Rhett 1837–1849 Democratic
Sampson H. Butler 1839–1842 Democratic
Thomas De Lage Sumter 1839–1843 Democratic
Isaac E. Holmes 1839–1851 Democratic
William Butler 1841–1843 Whig
Patrick C. Caldwell 1841–1843 Democratic
Samuel W. Trotti 1842–1843 Democratic
James A. Black 1843–1848 Democratic
Richard F. Simpson 1843–1849 Democratic
Armistead Burt 1843–1853 Democratic
Joseph A. Woodward 1843–1853 Democratic
Alexander D. Sims 1845–1848 Democratic
Daniel Wallace 1848–1853 Democratic
William F. Colcock 1849–1853 Democratic
James Lawrence Orr 1849–1859 Democratic
John McQueen 1849–1860 Democratic
William Aiken, Jr. 1851–1857 Democratic
Preston Brooks 1853–1857 Democratic
William Waters Boyce 1853–1860 Democratic
Laurence M. Keitt Democratic
Milledge Luke Bonham 1857–1860 Democratic
William Porcher Miles 1857–1860 Democratic
John D. Ashmore 1859–1860 Democratic
Manuel S. Corley 1868–1869 Republican
James H. Goss 1868–1869 Republican
Benjamin F. Whittemore 1868–1870 Republican
Christopher C. Bowen 1868–1871 Republican
Solomon L. Hoge 1869–1871, 1875-1877 Republican
Alexander S. Wallace 1870–1877 Republican
Joseph H. Rainey 1870–1879 Republican
Robert C. De Large 1871–1873 Republican
Robert B. Elliott 1871–1874 Republican
Alonzo J. Ransier 1873–1875 Republican
Richard H. Cain 1873–1875, 1877-1879 Republican
Lewis C. Carpenter 1874–1875 Republican
Edmund W. M. Mackey 1875–1876 , 1882-1884 Republican
Robert Smalls 1875–1879, 1882-1887 Republican
Charles W. Buttz 1876–1877 Republican
John H. Evins 1877–1884 Democratic
D. Wyatt Aiken 1877–1887 Democratic
Michael P. O'Connor 1879–1881 Democratic
John S. Richardson 1879–1883 Democratic
George D. Tillman 1879–1893 Democratic
Samuel Dibble 1881–1891 Democratic
George W. Dargan 1883–1891 Democratic
John J. Hemphill 1883–1893 Democratic
John Bratton 1884–1885 Democratic
William H. Perry 1885–1891 Democratic
James S. Cothran 1887–1891 Democratic
William Elliott 1887–1893, 1895-1903 Democratic
Thomas E. Miller 1890–1891 Republican
Eli T. Stackhouse 1891–1892 Democratic
George Johnstone 1891–1893 Democratic
William H. Brawley 1891–1894 Democratic
George W. Shell 1891–1895 Democratic
John L. McLaurin 1892–1897 Democratic
George W. Murray 1893–1897 Republican
Thomas J. Strait 1893–1899 Democratic
Asbury Latimer 1893–1903 Democratic
W. Jasper Talbert 1893–1903 Democratic
James F. Izlar 1894–1895 Democratic
J. William Stokes 1895–1901 Democratic
Stanyarne Wilson 1895–1901 Democratic
James Norton 1897–1901 Democratic
David E. Finley 1899–1917 Democratic

Historical Representation to the US House by Party in the 1900s from South Carolina
Party Total
     Democratic 49
     Republican 11
Total Representatives 60
Representatives to the U.S. House in South Carolina in the 1900s
Representative Years Served Party
Robert B. Scarborough 1901–1905 Democratic
Joseph T. Johnson 1901–1915 Democratic
Asbury F. Lever 1901–1919 Democratic
George W. Croft 1903–1904 Democratic
George S. Legaré 1903–1913 Democratic
Wyatt Aiken 1903–1917 Democratic
Theodore G. Croft 1904–1905 Democratic
James O'H. Patterson 1905–1911 Democratic
J. Edwin Ellerbe 1905–1913 Democratic
James F. Byrnes 1911–1925 Democratic
J. Willard Ragsdale 1913–1919 Democratic
Richard S. Whaley 1913–1921 Democratic
Samuel J. Nicholls 1915–1921 Democratic
Paul G. McCorkle 1917 Democratic
Frederick H. Dominick 1917–1933 Democratic
William F. Stevenson 1917–1933 Democratic
Edward C. Mann 1919–1921 Democratic
Philip H. Stoll 1919–1923 Democratic
W. Turner Logan 1921–1925 Democratic
John J. McSwain 1921–1936 Democratic
Hampton P. Fulmer 1921–1944 Democratic
Allard H. Gasque 1923–1938 Democratic
Butler B. Hare 1925–1933, 1939-1947 Democratic
Thomas S. McMillan 1925–1939 Democratic
John C. Taylor 1933–1939 Democratic
James P. Richards 1933–1957 Democratic
Gabriel H. Mahon, Jr. 1936–1939 Democratic
Elizabeth Hawley Gasque 1938–1939 Democratic
Clara G. McMillan 1939–1941 Democratic
Joseph R. Bryson 1939–1953 Democratic
John L. McMillan 1939–1973 Democratic
L. Mendel Rivers 1941–1970 Democratic
Willa L. Fulmer 1944–1945 Democratic
John J. Riley 1945–1949, 1951-1962 Democratic
William Jennings Bryan Dorn 1947–1949, 1951-1974 Democratic
James B. Hare 1949–1951 Democratic
Hugo S. Sims, Jr. 1949–1951 Democratic
Robert T. Ashmore 1953–1969 Democratic
Robert W. Hemphill 1957–1964 Democratic
Corinne Boyd Riley 1962–1963 Democratic
Albert Watson 1963–1971 Republican
Thomas S. Gettys 1964–1974 Democratic
James Robert Mann 1969–1979 Democratic
Mendel J. Davis 1971–1981 Democratic
Floyd Spence 1971–2001 Republican
Edward Lunn Young 1973–1975 Republican
John Jenrette 1975–1980 Democratic
Kenneth Lamar Holland 1975–1983 Democratic
Butler Derrick 1975–1995 Democratic
Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. 1979–1987 Republican
John Light Napier 1981–1983 Republican
Thomas F. Hartnett 1981–1987 Republican
Robin Tallon 1983–1993 Democratic
John Spratt 1983–2011 Democratic
Liz J. Patterson 1987–1993 Democratic
Arthur Ravenel, Jr. 1987–1995 Republican
Bob Inglis 1993–1999, 2005-2011 Republican
Mark Sanford 1995–2001 Republican
Lindsey Graham 1995–2003 Republican
Jim DeMint 1999–2005 Republican

Historical Representation to the US House by Party in the 2000s from South Carolina
Party Total
     Democratic 1
     Republican 7
Total Representatives 8
Representatives to the U.S. House in South Carolina in the 2000s
Representative Years Served Party
Henry Brown 2001–2011 Republican
Jim Clyburn 1993-Present Democratic
Jeff Duncan 2011–Present Republican
Joe Wilson 2001–Present Republican
Mick Mulvaney 2011–Present Republican
Trey Gowdy 2011–Present Republican
Tim Scott 2011–2013 Republican
Tom Rice 2013–Present Republican

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