List of United States Senators from Arkansas

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Arkansas was admitted as the 25th state to the United States of America on June 15, 1836. As of 2015, a total of 35 individuals have represented Arkansas in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Arkansas are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Arkansas.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Arkansas
Party Total
     Democratic 28
     Republican 7
Total Senators 35
Class 2 Senators from Arkansas
Senator Years Served Party
William S. Fulton 1836-1844 Democratic
Chester Ashley 1844-1848 Democratic
William K. Sebastian 1848-1861 Democratic
Alexander McDonald 1868-1871 Republican
Powell Clayton 1871-1877 Republican
Augustus H. Garland 1877-1885 Democratic
James H. Berry 1885-1907 Democratic
Jeff Davis 1907-1913 Democratic
John N. Heiskell 1913-1913 Democratic
William M. Kavanaugh 1913-1913 Democratic
Joseph T. Robinson 1913-1937 Democratic
John E. Miller 1937-1941 Democratic
G. Lloyd Spencer 1941-1943 Democratic
John L. McClellan 1943-1977 Democratic
Kaneaster Hodges, Jr. 1977-1979 Democratic
David H. Pryor 1979-1997 Democratic
Timothy Hutchinson 1997-2003 Republican
Mark Pryor 2003-2015 Democratic
Tom Cotton 2015-present Republican
Class 3 Senators from Arkansas
Senator Years Served Party
Ambrose H. Sevier 1836-1848 Democratic
Solon Borland 1848-1853 Democratic
Robert W. Johnson 1853-1861 Democratic
Charles B. Mitchel 1861-1861 Democratic
Benjamin F. Rice 1868-1873 Republican
Stephen W. Dorsey 1873-1879 Republican
James D. Walker 1879-1885 Democratic
James K. Jones 1885-1903 Democratic
James P. Clarke 1903-1916 Democratic
William F. Kirby 1916-1921 Democratic
Thaddeus H. Caraway 1921-1931 Democratic
Hattie W. Caraway 1931-1945 Democratic
J. William Fulbright 1945-1974 Democratic
Dale Bumpers 1975-1999 Democratic
Blanche L. Lincoln 1999-2011 Democratic
John Boozman 2011-Present Republican

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