List of United States Senators from Georgia

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Georgia was admitted as the 4th state to the United States of America on January 2, 1788. As of 2011, a total of 66 individuals have represented Georgia in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Georgia are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Georgia.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Georgia
Party Total
     Democratic 35
     Republican 20
     Jacksonian 5
     Anti-Admin 2
     Federalist 2
     Whig 2
Total Senators 66
Class 2 Senators from Georgia
Senator Years Served Party
William Few Anti-Admin 1789-1793
James Jackson Anti-Admin 1793-1795
George Walton Federalist 1795-1796
Josiah Tattnall Republican 1796-1799
Abraham Baldwin Republican 1799-1807
George Jones Republican 1807-1807
William H. Crawford Republican 1807-1813
William B. Bulloch Republican 1813-1813
William Wyatt Bibb Republican 1813-1816
George M. Troup Republican 1816-1818
John Forsyth Republican 1818-1819
Freeman Walker Republican 1819-1821
Nicolas Ware Republican 1821-1824
Thomas W. Cobb CRR, Jacksonian 1824-1828
Oliver H. Prince Jacksonian 1828-1829
George M. Troup Jacksonian 1829-1833
John Pendleton King Democratic 1833-1837
Wilson Lumpkin Democratic 1837-1841
John Macpherson Berrien Whig 1841-1852
Robert M. Charlton Democratic 1852-1853
Robert A. Toombs Democratic 1853-1861
Homer V. M. Miller Democratic 1871-1871
Thomas M. Norwood Democratic 1871-1877
Benjamin H. Hill Democratic 1877-1882
M. Pope Barrow Democratic 1882-1883
Alfred H. Colquitt Democratic 1883-1894
Patrick Walsh Democratic 1894-1895
Augustus O. Bacon Democratic 1895-1914
William S. West Democratic 1914-1914
Thomas W. Hardwick Democratic 1914-1919
William J. Harris Democratic 1919-1932
John S. Cohen Democratic 1932-1933
Richard B. Russell, Jr. Democratic 1933-1971
David H. Gambrell Democratic 1971-1972
Samuel A. Nunn Democratic 1972-1997
J. Maxwell Cleland Democratic 1997-2003
Saxby Chambliss Republican 2003-2015
David Perdue Republican 2015-Present
Class 3 Senators from Georgia
Senator Years Served Party
James Gunn Anti-Admin, Federalist 1789-1801
James Jackson Republican 1801-1806
John Milledge Republican 1806-1809
Charles Tait Republican 1809-1819
John Elliott Republican 1819-1825
John Macpherson Berrien Jacksonian 1825-1829
John Forsyth Jacksonian 1829-1834
Alfred Cuthbert Democratic 1835-1843
Walter T. Colquitt Democratic 1843-1848
Herschel V. Johnson Democratic 1848-1849
William C. Dawson Whig 1849-1855
Alfred Iverson, Sr. Democratic 1855-1861
Joshua Hill Republican 1871-1873
John B. Gordon Democratic 1873-1880
Joseph E. Brown Democratic 1880-1891
John B. Gordon Democratic 1891-1897
Alexander S. Clay Democratic 1897-1910
Joseph M. Terrell Democratic 1910-1911
Hoke Smith Democratic 1911-1921
Thomas E. Watson Democratic 1921-1922
Rebecca L. Felton Democratic 1922-1922
Walter F. George Democratic 1922-1957
Herman E. Talmadge Democratic 1957-1981
Mack F. Mattingly Republican 1981-1987
Wyche Fowler, Jr. Democratic 1987-1993
Paul D. Coverdell Republican 1993-2000
Zell B. Miller Democratic 2000-2005
Johnny Isakson Republican 2005-Present

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