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List of United States Senators from Kentucky

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Kentucky was admitted as the 15th state to the United States of America on June 1, 1792. As of 2011, a total of 79 individuals have represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Kentucky are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Kentucky.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Kentucky
Party Total
     Democratic 34
     Republican 30
     Whig 8
     American 2
     Jacksonian 2
     Anti-Admin 1
     Federalist 2
Total Senators 79
Class 2 Senators from Kentucky
Senator Years Served Party
John Brown Republican 1792-1805
Buckner Thruston Republican 1805-1809
Henry Clay Republican 1810-1811
George M. Bibb Republican 1811-1814
George Walker Republican 1814-1814
William T. Barry Republican 1814-1816
Martin D. Hardin Federalist 1816-1817
John J. Crittenden Republican 1817-1819
Richard M. Johnson Republican 1819-1829
George M.Bibb Jacksonian 1829-1835
John J. Crittenden Anti-Jacksonian, Whig 1835-1841
James T. Morehead Whig 1841-1847
Joseph R. Underwood Whig 1847-1853
John B. Thompson Whig, Opposition, American 1853-1859
Lazarus W. Powell Democratic 1859-1865
James Guthrie Democratic 1865-1868
Thomas C. McCreery Democratic 1868-1871
John W. Stevenson Democratic 1871-1877
James B. Beck Democratic 1877-1890
John G. Carlisle Democratic 1890-1893
William Lindsay Democratic 1893-1901
Joseph C.S. Blackburn Democratic 1901-1907
Thomas H. Paynter Democratic 1907-1913
Ollie M. James Democratic 1913-1918
George B. Martin Democratic 1918-1919
A. Owsley Stanley Democratic 1919-1925
Frederic M. Sackett Republican 1925-1930
John M. Robsion Republican 1930-1930
Ben M. Williamson Democratic 1930-1931
Marvel M. Logan Democratic 1931-1939
Albert B. Happy Chandler Democratic 1939-1945
William A. Stanfill Republican 1945-1946
John Sherman Cooper Republican 1946-1949
Virgil M. Chapman Democratic 1949-1951
Thomas R. Underwood Democratic 1951-1952
John Sherman Cooper Republican 1952-1955
Alben W. Barkley Democratic 1955-1956
Robert Humphreys Democratic 1956-1956
John Sherman Cooper Republican 1956-1973
Walter D. Huddleston Democratic 1973-1985
Mitch McConnell Republican 1985-Present
Class 3 Senators from Kentucky
Senator Years Served Party
John Edwards Anti-Admin 1792-1795
Humphrey Marshall Federalist 1795-1801
John Breckinridge Republican 1801-1805
John Adair Republican 1805-1806
Henry Clay Republican 1806-1807
John Pope Republican 1807-1813
Jesse Bledsoe Republican 1813-1814
Isham Talbot Republican 1815-1819
William Logan Republican 1819-1820
Isham Talbot Republican 1820-1825
John Rowan Jacksonian 1825-1831
Henry Clay Anti-Jacksonian, Whig 1831-1842
John J. Crittenden Whig 1842-1848
Thomas Metcalfe Whig 1848-1849
Henry Clay Whig 1849-1852
David Meriwether Democratic 1852-1852
Archibald Dixon Whig 1852-1855
John J. Crittenden Opposition, American 1855-1861
John C. Breckinridge Democratic 1861-1861
Garrett Davis Democratic 1861-1872
Willis B. Machen Democratic 1872-1873
Thomas C. McCreery Democratic 1873-1879
John Stuart Williams Democratic 1879-1885
Joseph C. S. Blackburn Democratic 1885-1897
William J. Deboe Republican 1897-1903
James B. McCreary Democratic 1903-1909
William O. Bradley Republican 1909-1914
Johnson N. Camden, Jr. Democratic 1914-1915
John C. W. Beckham Democratic 1915-1921
Richard P. Ernst Republican 1921-1927
Alben W. Barkley Democratic 1927-1949
Garrett L. Withers Democratic 1949-1950
Earle C. Clements Democratic 1950-1957
Thruston B. Morton Republican 1957-1968
Marlow W. Cook Republican 1968-1974
Wendell H. Ford Democratic 1974-1999
Jim Bunning Republican 1999-2011
Rand Paul Republican 2011-Present

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