List of United States Senators from North Carolina

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North Carolina was admitted as the 12th state to the United States of America on November 21, 1789. As of 2013, a total of 54 individuals have represented North Carolina in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from North Carolina are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from North Carolina.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from North Carolina
Party Total
     Democratic 29
     Republican 20
     Pro-Administration 1
     Anti-Administration 1
     Whig 3
     Jacksonian 1
     Populist 1
     Unknown 1
Total Senators 57
Class 2 Senators from North Carolina
Senators Years Served Party
Samuel Johnston 1789-1793 Pro-Administration
Alexander Martin 1793-1799 Republican
Jesse Franklin 1799-1805 Republican
James Turner 1805-1816 Republican
Montfort Stokes 1816-1823 Republican
John Branch 1823-1829 Republican
Bedford Brown 1829-1840 Democratic
Willie P. Mangum 1840-1853 Whig
David S. Reid 1854-1859 Democratic
Thomas Bragg 1859-1861 Democratic
Joseph C. Abbott 1868-1871 Republican
Matt W. Ransom 1872-1895 Democratic
Marion Butler 1895-1901 Populist
Furnifold M. Simmons 1901-1931 Democratic
Josiah W. Bailey 1931-1946 Democratic
William B. Umstead 1946-1948 Democratic
J. Melville Broughton 1948-1949 Democratic
Frank P. Graham 1949-1950 Democratic
Willis Smith 1950-1953 Democratic
Alton A. Lennon 1953-1954 Democratic
W. Kerr Scott 1954-1958 Democratic
B. Everett Jordan 1958-1973 Democratic
Jesse Helms 1973-2003 Republican
Elizabeth Dole 2003-2009 Republican
Kay R. Hagan 2009-2015 Democratic
Thom Tillis 2015-Present Republican
Class 3 Senators from North Carolina
Senators Years Served Party
Benjamin Hawkins 1789-1795 Anti-Administration
Timothy Bloodworth 1795-1801 Republican
David Stone 1801-1807 Republican
Jesse Franklin 1807-1813 Republican
David Stone 1813-1814 Republican
Francis Locke 1814-1815 Unknown
Nathaniel Macon 1815-1828 Republican
James Iredell 1828-1831 Jacksonian
Willie P. Mangum 1831-1836 Anti-Jacksonian
Robert Strange 1836-1840 Democratic
William A. Graham 1840-1843 Whig
William H. Haywood, Jr. 1843-1846 Democratic
George E. Badger 1846-1855 Whig
Asa Biggs 1855-1858 Democratic
Thomas L. Clingman 1858-1861 Democratic
John Pool 1868-1873 Republican
Augustus S. Merrimon 1873-1879 Democratic
Zebulon B. Vance 1879-1894 Democratic
Thomas J. Jarvis 1894-1895 Democratic
Jeter C. Pritchard 1895-1903 Republican
Lee S. Overman 1903-1930 Democratic
Cameron A. Morrison 1930-1932 Democratic
Robert R. Reynolds 1932-1945 Democratic
Clyde R. Hoey 1945-1954 Democratic
Samuel J. Ervin, Jr. 1954-1974 Democratic
Robert B. Morgan 1975-1981 Democratic
John P. East 1981-1986 Republican
James T. Broyhill 1986-1986 Republican
J. Terry Sanford 1986-1993 Democratic
Lauch Faircloth 1993-1999 Republican
John Edwards 1999-2005 Democratic
Richard Burr 2005-Present Republican

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