List of United States Senators from Tennessee

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Tennessee was admitted as the 16th state to the United States of America on June 1, 1796. As of 2011, a total of 70 individuals have represented Tennessee in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Tennessee are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Tennessee
Party Total
     Democratic 37
     Republican 24
     Whig 5
Total Senators 66
Class 1 Senators from Tennessee
Senator Years Served Party
William Cocke 1796-1797 Republican
Andrew Jackson 1797-1798 Republican
Daniel Smith 1798-1799 Republican
Joseph Anderson 1799-1815 Republican
George W. Campbell 1815-1818 Republican
John H. Eaton 1818-1829 Republican
Felix Grundy 1829-1838 Democratic
Ephraim H. Foster 1838-1839 Whig
Felix Grundy 1839-1840 Democratic
Alfred O. P. Nicholson 1840-1842 Democratic
Ephraim H. Foster 1843-1845 Whig
Hopkins L. Turney 1845-1851 Democratic
James C. Jones 1851-1857 Whig
Andrew Johnson 1857-1862 Democratic
David T. Patterson 1866-1869 Democratic
William G. Brownlow 1869-1875 Republican
Andrew Johnson 1875-1875 Democratic
David M. Key 1875-1877 Democratic
James E. Bailey 1877-1881 Democratic
Howell E. Jackson 1881-1886 Democratic
Washington C. Whitthorne 1886-1887 Democratic
William B. Bate 1887-1905 Democratic
James B. Frazier 1905-1911 Democratic
Luke Lea 1911-1917 Democratic
Kenneth D. McKellar 1917-1953 Democratic
Albert A. Gore, Sr. 1953-1971 Democratic
William E. Brock III 1971-1977 Republican
James R. Sasser 1977-1995 Democratic
William H. Frist 1995-2007 Republican
Bob Corker 2007-Present Republican
Class 2 Senators from Tennessee
Senator Years Served Party
William Blount 1796-1797 Republican
Joseph Anderson 1797-1799 Republican
William Cocke 1799-1805 Republican
Daniel Smith 1805-1809 Republican
Jenkin Whiteside 1809-1811 Republican
George W. Campbell 1811-1814 Republican
Jesse Wharton 1814-1815 Republican
John Williams 1815-1823 Republican
Andrew Jackson 1823-1825 Republican
Hugh Lawson White 1825-1840 Whig
Alexander O. Anderson 1840-1841 Democratic
Spencer Jarnagin 1843-1847 Whig
John Bell 1847-1859 Whig
Alfred O. P. Nicholson 1859-1861 Democratic
Joseph S. Fowler 1866-1871 Republican
Henry Cooper 1871-1877 Democratic
Isham G. Harris 1877-1897 Democratic
Thomas B. Turley 1897-1901 Democratic
Edward W. Carmack 1901-1907 Democratic
Robert L. Taylor 1907-1912 Democratic
Newell Sanders 1912-1913 Republican
William R. Webb 1913-1913 Democratic
John K. Shields 1913-1925 Democratic
Lawrence D. Tyson 1925-1929 Democratic
William E. Brock 1929-1931 Democratic
Cordell Hull 1931-1933 Democratic
Nathan L. Bachman 1933-1937 Democratic
George L. Berry 1937-1938 Democratic
A. Thomas Stewart 1939-1949 Democratic
C. Estes Kefauver 1949-1963 Democratic
Herbert S. Walters 1963-1964 Democratic
Ross Bass 1964-1967 Democratic
Howard H. Baker, Jr. 1967-1985 Republican
Albert A. Gore, Jr. 1985-1993 Democratic
Harlan Mathews 1993-1994 Democratic
Fred Thompson 1994-2003 Republican
Lamar Alexander 2003-Present Republican

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