Lobbying in McLean County, Illinois

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McLean county has spent $97,209 on government sector lobbying since 2005. This includes contracts with lobbyists and dues to government sector lobbying associations.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying is the use of public funds by governments to influence other levels of government. Counties, for example, will pay lobbyists to influence the state or the federal government. This type of lobbying is often not disclosed to constituents. Counties hire lobbyists on a contractual basis, have lobbyists on staff, or join groups which promote or oppose legislation on their behalf. Lobbyists also help counties seeking specific projects or appropriations.

Lobbying in Illinois

The county board of McLean has had lobbying representation from Anderson Legislative Consulting since at least 2005.[1][2][3] Since 2005, McLean County has spent $45,000 on contracts with the lobbyist.

The firm works with the county on lobbying the state of Illinois and the Illinois state legislature.[4] The firm tracks legislation for the county and alerts the county of any changes, as well as drafts legislation on the county's behalf. Anderson Consulting also represents the county's interests before legislators in the state.

Firm Year Amount
Anderson Legislative Consulting 2009 $7,500
Anderson Legislative Consulting 2008 $7,500
Anderson Legislative Consulting 2007 $7,500
Anderson Legislative Consulting 2006 $7,500
Anderson Legislative Consulting 2005 $7,500
Anderson Legislative Consulting 2004 $7,500

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

Main article: Illinois government sector lobbying associations

McLean County belongs to at least two government sector lobbying associations:[4]

Since 2005, the county has spent $52,209 on dues for these organizations.

Organization Year Payments
Metro Counties of Illinois 2010 $4,724
Metro Counties of Illinois 2009 $4,724
Metro Counties of Illinois 2008 $4,724
Metro Counties of Illinois 2007 $4,724
Metro Counties of Illinois 2006 $4,724
Metro Counties of Illinois 2005 $4,724
National Association of Counties 2009 $3,942
National Association of Counties 2008 $4,847
National Association of Counties 2007 $3,892
National Association of Counties 2006 $4,882
National Association of Counties 2005 $3,616
National Association of Counties 2004 $2,686