Local Georgia city tries for Sunday alcohol sales again

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May 30, 2012


ATLANTA, Georgia: In the city of Americus, local officials are trying again to place a Sunday alcohol sales question on the November 2012 ballot for residents to vote on. In November 2011, the question was asked and was defeated by a narrow margin of 24 votes. If this does make it on to this November's ballot it would be the third attempt by the city, but because the votes have been so close officials note that if more residents would turn out for the vote they would likely approve it. Some residents have noted that having the sale of alcohol on Sundays would be helpful, watching football or other sports games with friends at bars would add to city revenues. Bar owners noted the same, that allowing for alcohol sales would add revenues to the city and lessen restrictions. Officials also note that with Sunday sales more businesses would likely come to the city, adding to growth and development. The second reading of the proposed measure will take place in June, where the city council will decide to place it on the November ballot or not.[1]

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