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November 9, 2011


TULSA, Oklahoma: There was an election held on November 8, some issues included were charter amendments in Tulsa and school election votes. In Tulsa, there were four proposed charter amendments which were up for a vote, two of the four measures were defeated. Residents defeated the proposed amendment which would have changed the current government structure to one of a City Manager, it was defeated with 76.4 percent against it. The other amendment which was defeated would have also changed the city government, making the Mayor a member of the council. This measure was defeated with 73.3 percent of residents against it. The third measure, sought to reduce term limits of the council members to just two years, it was approved with 58.2 percent of votes in favor. The last issue sought to eliminate partisan elections for city officials, it was approved with 55 percent of the votes in favor. Since the term limit measure was approved, the term limits will be reset in the next election cycle.[1]

In the Edmond school district area, two bond measures were up for approval and both passed; proposition 1 passed with 74 percent and proposition 2 passed with 73.9 percent in favor. All school bonds in Oklahoma need a super majority of 60 percent in order to be approved, these bonds passed well above that margin. The first bond will pay for classroom additions, new facilities and upgrades as needed throughout the district, the second bond will pay for school buses and maintenance fees. In total, the two bonds amount to $35.5 million.[2]

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