Local school property tax measures and approval ratings on the rise in 2012

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July 13, 2012

By Johanna Herman

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School bond dollars weren't the only increase in early 2012. Looking back at school property taxes, an estimated 100 additional measures appeared on the ballot in 2012 than in 2011. The approval rating also surged upward to 85%.

In total, from January-July, 410 measures were decided in nine states. Voters approved 348 of those measures (84.9%). Comparisons to 2011 show that 2012 featured 101 more measures in the first half of the year; 309 total compared to 410 in 2012. Overall approval also increased from 2011 to 2012 by an estimated 11.5%. In 2011 the total approval rating was 73.4%.

This month, Ballotpedia takes a closer look at school property tax measures that appeared on ballots in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.

Washington featured by far the most school property tax measures. Of the 201 that appeared on the ballot, 191 were approved by voters. The approval rating thus stands at 95% for the first 6 months of the year. By comparison, in the first half of 2011, Washington had only 56 school property tax measures but the approval rating was at 98%.

Florida was at the low end, as the state had the least amount of school property tax issues with only one measure appearing on the ballot in the first half of the year. It was approved.

Though Florida had the least amount of school property tax measures on the ballot, the state of Oregon featured the lowest approval rating for school property tax proposals. Oregon had two measures on the ballot for the year and both were defeated (0% approval rating).

The remaining states had an average of above 60% approval for their measures. A grand total of 348 school property tax measures were approved.

Arizona and Colorado did not have school property tax elections in the first half of the year.

Stay tuned later this month to see how the stats compared to 2011. Click here for last week's report: Part 1 - $6 billion in school bonds decided at the ballot box.

The table below breaks down (by state) exactly how many property tax measures were approved or defeated in January-July 2012.


     Winning percentage above 70%     Winning percentage below 50%

State Approved Defeated  % approved
California 11 5 68%
Florida 1 0 100%
Illinois 3 2 60%
Michigan 70 11 86%
Missouri 5 1 83%
Ohio 65 25 72%
Oregon 0 2 0%
Washington 191 10 95%
Wisconsin 12 6 67%
Totals: 348 62 84.9%
Click here for the full report!

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