Logan County, Illinois ballot measures

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Location of Logan County in Illinois


April 9

See also: April 9, 2013 ballot measures in Illinois

Approveda Logan County Ambulance Property Tax Extension Limitation Proposition (April 2013)
Approveda Atlanta Public Library District Tax Levy Proposition (April 2013)
Approveda New Holland Village Electrical Aggregation Proposition (April 2013)


November 6

See also: November 6, 2012 ballot measures in Illinois

Approveda Chestnut Street Light District Tax Question (November 2012)
Approveda Orvil Township Cemetery Question (November 2012)
Approveda Elkhart Village Electrical Aggregation Question (November 2012)

March 20

See also: March 20, 2012 ballot measures in Illinois

ApprovedaDefeatedd County, Village & City Electrical Aggregation Questions, 7 (March 2012)
Defeatedd Clinton School District Bond Measure (March 2012) (also in Macon & DeWitt Counties)


April 5

See also: April 5, 2011 ballot measures in Illinois

Approveda Logan County School Sales Tax Increase (April 2011)


February 2

See also: February 2, 2010 ballot measures in Illinois

DefeateddApproveda Atlanta Public Library and Lawndale Light Districts Property Tax Extension (February 2010)

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