Long Beach, California

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Long Beach is a city in California.



For more detailed information about the municipal elections on April 8, 2014 and June 10, 2014, see the pages below.


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For 2007 and 2008, Long Beach spent $225,421 on lobbying.[1]

Public Pensions

Long Beach leaders are having to continue to cut the city's budget, but pension costs are increasing. In eight straight years of budget cutting Long Beach has sliced $188 million, or 19 percent. A pension reform plan in the works could save the city up to $100 million in a decade.[2] The details of the reform plan have not been released. he primary cause of the current fiscal crisis, Foster said, was when in 2002 pension benefits were granted to government employees, not only for future terms but retroactively for the past 20 years. However, in 2008, Foster spoke in support of five-year agreements instead of three-year ones for firefighters and some other city employees.[3]