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Loren Parks is said to be the top donor to political causes in Oregon history, including sizable donations to ballot measure campaigns.[1]

Parks, the owner of an Aloha-based medical equipment company, moved to Nevada in 2002 but remains active as a donor to Oregon causes. In 2006, Parks spent $600,000 on Oregon ballot measures. For 2008 ballot measures, Parks as of September 2007 has contributed approximately $800,000 to signature-gathering efforts of campaigns whose chief petitioners are Bill Sizemore and Kevin Mannix.[2]

The four ballot-certified 2008 Sizemore ballot measures proposals to which Parks has donated are:

The two 2008 Mannix proposals to which Parks has donated are:

Additionally, The Oregonian is reporting that Parks donated $250,000 for ultimately unsuccessful ballot access efforts to limit attorney contingency fees and to sanction attorneys for filing frivolous lawsuits:[4]

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