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The Los Angeles Times (also known as the L.A. Times) is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, California.

Since 1942, L.A. Times has won 41 Pulitzer Prizes. Of these 41 Pulitzer Prizes, six are gold medals for public service.[1]


The L.A. Times is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the United States. It currently has a daily readership of 1.5 million and 2.6 million on Sunday. In addition, more than 22 million people visit the latimes.com on a monthly basis. Together, the L.A. Times has a combined print and online local weekly audience of 4 million readers.[2]


The Los Angeles Times has been in business for more than 132 years.[3] However, the Los Angeles Times was first published on December 4, 1881, under the name of the Los Angeles Daily Times.[4]

Like many newspapers today, the Los Angeles Times found itself in financial trouble even in its early years. After the original founders of the newspaper found themselves with finance issues, it became property of its printer, the Mirror Printing Office and Book Bindery. After rebuilding and finding success, then-editor Harrison Gray Otis purchased the L.A. Times, and officially became known as the Los Angeles Times in October 1886. The Chandlers, a well-known family of the Los Angeles area, owned the newspaper from 1917 until 2000. In 1917, the Chandlers inherited the newspaper after Otis, a family member, passed away. When the L.A. Times was sold to Tribune in 2000, it was reported by Forbes magazine that the Chandlers profited $1 billion from the deal.[5] However, in December 2008, the Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy protection.[6]

Editorial positions on California ballot propositions

February 2008

Proposition Description LA Times editorial position Status of proposition
California Proposition 91 (2008) Transportation funding - Defeated
California Proposition 92 (2008) Community College funding - Defeated
California Proposition 93 (2008) Alter term limits
California Proposition 94 (2008) Tribal Gaming Compacts
California Proposition 95 (2008) Tribal Gaming Compacts
California Proposition 96 (2008) Tribal Gaming Compacts
California Proposition 97 (2008) Tribal Gaming Compacts


Los Angeles Times
Mailing Address:
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 237-5000[1]

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