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The Louisiana Justice Coalition is group of community leaders and organizations that are dedicated to reforming the indigent defense system in Louisiana. The Louisiana Justice Coalition strongly believes that the current public defender system in Louisiana needs to be overhauled.[1]

Transparency projects

The Louisiana Justice Coalition is working to educate the citizens of Louisiana on the laws as they currently are, and to explain the changes the Coalition would like to enact. The Coalition is also working to influence politicians to steer the laws concerning public defenders towards its point of view.[2]

Policy issues

The Louisiana Justice Coalition's main policy issue is reform of the public defender system of Louisiana. The Coalition would like for Louisiana to adopt laws that center around the ABA Ten Principles.[3]

The Justice Coalition also strives for transparency in government and analyzes all current laws and recent changes to the laws that concern its core mission.[4]


  • Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Louisiana Public Defenders' Association
  • Public Affairs Research Council Of Louisiana
  • Juvenile Just Project of Louisiana
  • American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana
  • Family and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children
  • Louisiana Interchurch Conference
  • Mental Health Association of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Cure
  • Louisiana Bar Foundation
  • Innocence Project New Orleans
  • Louisiana Appleseed
  • Urban League of Greater New Orleans
  • Voice of the Ex-Offender

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