Louisiana Representative switches to Republican Party

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July 15, 2013

State Representative James Fannin

By Tyler King

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: State Representative Jim Fannin officially changed his affiliation to the Republican Party on July 10. He declined to announce his decision because he "didn't want a lot of fanfare." Fannin, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee, said the Democratic Party has drifted too far to the left for him and his constituents. He said, "I just could no longer align myself with the views of the party, especially on national social issues like gun control and same-sex marriage that are growing to be a larger part of the state party’s agenda." He continued, "I’ve tried to bring the state party back to the center, but there doesn’t seem to be room for a Blue Dog like myself."[1]

Fannin's announcement comes not long after Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory announced his switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.[2]

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