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August 8, 2012

By Ballotpedia's state executive team


SPRINGFIELD, Missouri: There are five state executive seats up for election this year in Missouri: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer. In last night's primary election, every race except treasurer had at least one contested primary.

Four of the five incumbents are seeking re-election, but only two - Gov. Jay Nixon and Lt. Gov Peter Kinder - faced a challenger in yesterday's primary. Both won their races; Nixon won with approximately 86% of the vote and Kinder edged out Brad Lager by 2.6 points.[1]

The following candidates (pending official certification of the primary results) will advance to the general election:

  • Governor:
Democratic Party Jay Nixon (D)
Republican Party Dave Spence (R)
Libertarian Party Jim Higgins (L)
  • Lt. Governor:
Democratic Party Susan Montee (D)
Republican Party Peter Kinder (R)
Libertarian Party Matthew Copple (L)
Constitution Party Cynthia Davis (Constitution Party)
  • Secretary of State:
Democratic Party Jason Kander (D)
Republican Party Shane Schoeller (R)
Libertarian Party Cisse Spragins (L)
Constitution Party Justin Harter (Constitution Party)
  • Attorney General:
Democratic Party Chris Koster (D)
Republican Party Ed Martin (R)
Libertarian Party Dave Browning (L)
  • Treasurer:
Democratic Party Clint Zweifel (D)
Republican Party Cole McNary (R)
Libertarian Party Sean O'Toole (L)

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