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August 8, 2012

By Ballotpedia's state executive team


OLYMPIA, Washington: This year, there are nine state executive offices up for election in Washington: governor, lieutenant governor, Washington, attorney general, treasurer, auditor, superintendent of public instruction, insurance commissioner and public lands commissioner.

Incumbents are seeking re-election in five of the nine offices, and all five will advance to the general election.[1] Of the nine primaries, only one was completely uncontested: the race for treasurer. Treasurer James McIntire was unopposed last night and will face no general election opposition.[2]

The following candidates finished in the top two (in order) of each race and will advance to the general election:

  • Governor:
Democratic Party Jay Inslee (D)
Republican Party Rob McKenna (R)
  • Lt. Governor:
Democratic Party Brad Owen (D)
Republican Party Bill Finkbeiner (R)
  • Secretary of State:
Republican Party Kim Wyman (R)
Democratic Party Kathleen Drew (D)
  • Attorney General:
Democratic Party Bob Ferguson (D)
Republican Party Reagan Dunn (R)
  • Treasurer:
Democratic Party James McIntire (D)

  • Auditor:
Republican Party James Watkins (R)
Democratic Party Troy Kelley (D)
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Randy Dorn
Ronald Higgins
  • Insurance Commissioner:
Democratic Party Mike Kreidler (D)
Republican Party John Adams (R)
  • Public Lands Commissioner:
Democratic Party Peter Goldmark (D)
Republican Party Clint Didier (R)

**All results are unofficial until certified by the Office of the Washington Secretary of State. Official results will be available on August 21, 2012.**[3]

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