Lynda Bell recall, Miami-Dade County, Florida (2013)

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An effort to recall Lynda Bell from her position on the Board Of County Commissioners in Miami-Dade County, Florida was launched in September 2013.[1] It did not go to a vote.


Two activist groups, Pets’ Voice and Miami Economic Sustainability Alliance, led the recall effort against Bell. The groups were upset at the Board of County Commissioners because they voted 8-5 to not fully fund an animal welfare plan that had received broad public support in a local non-binding referendum in November 2012. Those who opposed the plan stated a concern over the required raise in taxes needed for the funding. At the same time, recall supporters were not sure who to specifically target of the eight commissioners who voted against the plan, which included: Bruno Barreiro, Lynda Bell, Esteban Bovo, Jose "Pepe" Diaz, Xavier Suarez, Rebeca Sosa, Javier Souto and Juan C. Zapata. After pulling a name from a hat, the group decided to focus on Lynda Bell. Bell was noted by one newspaper blogger to be the county's most conservative commissioner.[1][2]

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On September 9, Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin rejected the recall petition against Bell on multiple technical points. Recall supporters stated they would fix the issues and resubmit the petition.[3]

Had a petition been certified, supporters would have had 120 days to collect signatures from 4% of the registered voters in Bell's district.[4][5]

Recall supporters said they would wait to refile the petition until after the new budget was released.[6]

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