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Maine Office of Fiscal and Program Review

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The Maine Office of Fiscal and Program Review is a nonpartisan legislative service agency providing fiscal research to members and staff of the Maine Legislature.


The Office of Fiscal and Program Review is led by an Executive Director who oversees the day to day operations of the committee. A total staff of 10 is employed by the committee[1].

Services offered

Committee staffing

The Office of Fiscal and Program Review serves as the official committee staffs for the Joint Appropriations and Financial Affairs, Joint Taxation, and Revenue Forecasting Committees[2].

Fiscal impact statements

Fiscal impact statements for any legislation is conducted by the Office of Fiscal and Program Review. This is done to monitor any impacts to the state's finances as a result of passing certain legislation[3].

Maine state budget

The Maine State Budget is monitored by Office of Fiscal Program and Review. In addition to monitoring the state budget, the office monitors all budget requests from government agencies, forecasts revenues for the state, and monitors the performance of state agencies[4].

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