Maine Repeal of the School Consolidation Laws (2008)

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The Maine Coalition to Save Schools is a group of 150 citizens fighting a consolidation plan to reduce the number of school districts in Maine from 290 to 80 through use of the Maine veto referendum. See Maine 2008 ballot measures.

Legislative Support

Community Support

Support of the group has largely come from rural areas that would see the result of the consolidation program.[2] One petitioner, Alan Morse, said "it's a very easy sell. I don't have to say more than half a sentence before people jump to sign my petition.."

Other noted supporters include:

  • Andrea Beaver, a school board chairwoman from Bristol
  • Former state Rep. Stephen Bowen, who is working with the Maine Heritage Policy Center
  • Dwight Tibbetts, chairman of the School Union[3]


The sponsor of the bill, Governor Baldacci

Education Commissioner, Susan Gendron, has asked that schools continue with consolidation programs despite community unrest. She was quoted saying, "There are an equal number of people who say this is the right thing to do. We need to move forward."[4]