Maine Supreme Court upholds life sentence in attempted murder case

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The Judicial Update

December 15, 2011

PORTLAND, Maine: The Maine Supreme Court has upheld the conviction and concurrent life sentences of Daniel Fortune, who was convicted of attempted murder after a May 2008 home invasion.[1] Fortune maimed a father and 10-year old daughter in the attacks. He was originally convicted by a jury in Somerset County Superior Court on May 14, 2010. Fortune was appealing on the claim that evidence in the original trial was insufficient for the jury to convict on all the attempted murder charges, and that the concurrent life sentences imposed were disproportionate to the crimes.[2]

The high court's opinion was unanimous. The opinion, written by justice Donald Alexander, said "the most significant elements of this crime, a planned and intended murder of as many as five individuals, extreme cruelty and brutality in the crimes committed, and permanent damage and disfigurement of two of the victims, leave no doubt that the sentencing factors addressed ... support the life sentences imposed here."[2]