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Maine Extend Legislative Term Limits from Four to Six, Question 5 (2007)

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The Maine Extend Legislative Term Limits from Four to Six Referendum, also known as Question 5, was on the November 6, 2007 ballot in Maine as a legislatively-referred state statute, where it was defeated. The measure would have extended the term limits for state legislators from four to six terms. At the time, both members of the house and senate were limited to four consecutive two year terms. It also would have prevented any person elected to serve a fourth consecutive term as a member of the house or senate in the current legislature, the 123rd, from being elected to the same body in the next legislature.[1][2]

Election results

Maine Question 5 (2007)
Defeatedd No181,58867.15%
Yes 88,832 32.85%

Election results via: Maine Secretary of State, Elections Division, Referendum Election Tabulations, November 6, 2007

Text of measure

The language appeared on the ballot as:[1]

Question 5: Referendum

Do you favor extending term limits for Legislators from 4 to 6 terms? [3]


The following description of the intent and content of this ballot measure was provided in the Maine Citizen's Guide to the Referendum Election:

State law currently limits members of the House and Senate to serving 4 consecutive 2-year terms. This legislation would extend that limit by two terms, so that legislators could serve a total of 6 consecutive 2-year terms in the same legislative body. In years, this means an extension of from 8 to 12 consecutive years in either the House or the Senate. No person elected to serve a fourth consecutive term as a member of the House or Senate in the current Legislature would be eligible to serve as a member of that same body in the next Legislature if this bill becomes effective. This proposal, which was adopted by the Legislature, will not take effect unless it is approved by the voters.

A “YES” vote is in favor of the extension of term limits and would approve the legislation extending the limit from 4 to 6 consecutive 2-year terms.

A “NO” vote is in opposition to the extension and would leave the current term limits at 4 consecutive 2-year terms.[3]

Office of the Attorney General [1]

Fiscal note

The following fiscal impact statement was provided in the Maine Citizen's Guide to the Referendum Election:

Passage of this referendum question will not affect state and local expenditures. [3]

—Office of Fiscal and Program Review [1]


  • Maine League of Women Voters[4]


The League of Women Voters put forward the following arguments in favor of Question 5:

  • Term limits make the Legislature less effective.
  • They weaken the Legislature's role in crafting sound policy solutions to complex problems.
  • Under term limits, the Legislature is less representative of the people of Maine.


—Maine League of Women Voters [4]

Path to the ballot

The bill to refer Question 5 to the ballot was LD 1928, and was "Passed to be Enacted" and signed by Governor John E. Baldacci on June 29, 2007.

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