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This page contains a list of cities in Maine, and other information about local governments.

Maine allows municipal charter cities and counties. There are 16 total counties in Maine. Of those 16:[1]

There are 488 total municipalities in Maine. Of those 488, 413 of them are General law municipalities while the remaining 75 are Charter/Home rule cities.[1]

Types of local government

Local government in Maine consists of:

504 General Purpose units, including:

  • 16 Counties
  • 22 Cities
  • 432 Towns
  • 34 Plantations

337 Special Purpose units, including:

  • 238 Special Districts
  • 99 Independent School Districts[2][3]

Further classifications:

Counties may be:

  • Home rule charter: of which there are 3 (Cumberland, Arrostook, and Knox County).
  • General Law: of which there are 13.

Cities and towns: Cities and towns have home rule authority through the second part of Article VIII of the Maine Constitution.

  • All 22 Cities have a charter.
  • Towns may adopt a charter to fully exercise home rule powers. 53 have done so.[4]

Initiative process availability

See also: Laws governing local ballot measures in Maine
  • Towns and plantations that use the town-meeting form of government have a mandated initiative-like process to place articles in the warrant, have proposals considered at the town meeting, and place articles on the next ballot.
  • Charter cities have authority to adopt an initiative process for ordinances.
  • City and town charters may be amended through a mandated initiative process.[5]

10 most populated cities

List of Most Populated Cities in Maine
City[6] Population City Type Next election
Portland 66,363 Charter N/A
Lewiston 36,491 Charter N/A
Bangor 33,011 Charter N/A
South Portland 25,068 Charter N/A
Auburn 22,985 Charter N/A
Biddeford 21,386 Charter N/A
Augusta 19,103 Charter N/A
Saco 18,581 Charter N/A
Westbrook 17,540 Charter N/A
Waterville 15,697 Charter N/A

Full list of cities

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A guide to local ballot initiatives
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As of the 2010 Census, there were 488 incorporated cities and towns in Maine. A full list of cities in Maine is available here.

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