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Maine officials approve investigation of same-sex marriage fundraising

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October 1, 2009

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AUGUSTA, Maine: Today the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices voted 3 to 2 to investigate groups supporting the Maine Same-Sex Marriage People's Veto, Question 1 campaign.[1]

The complaint was filed by Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate, on August 25, 2009. In the 9-page complaint Karger said groups like the National Organization for Marriage and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, solicited contributions from individuals and in turn gave the money to Stand for Marriage - hiding the identity of the individual donors.[2] Maine election law states that every donation, regardless of how small, must be listed.

Barry Bostrom, National Organization for Marriage attorney, said Karger's complaint is "nothing more than an attempt to harass and intimidate those of us who believe in the core truth that marriage is between one man and one woman." According to Bostrom, the organization complies with state campaign financing laws. It's policy is to collect funds and then submit the donations to a particular campaign so as to protect donors from harassment.[3]

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