Maine passes emergency act to prevent release of concealed-carry permit holder names

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February 22, 2013


By Greg Janetka

AUGUSTA, Maine: Wasting no time, the Maine State Legislature approved an emergency measure this week to prevent the release of the names of state residents who have permits to carry concealed guns. Gov. Paul LePage (R) submitted the bill on February 15. As an emergency act it took effect immediately upon passage.[1]

The bill was a response to the move by The Bangor Daily News to request the names of permit holders through Maine's Freedom of Access law; requests which were quickly dropped.[2]

The governor praised legislators for their quick, bipartisan action. Under the measure, a moratorium is placed on releases of concealed weapons data until April 30. A bill to permanently close access to the records has been introduced by Rep. Corey Wilson (R).[3]